87 chrysler 5th ave. water pump?

swebster1564March 12, 2008

I have an 87 5th ave...It leaks out water/coolant as soon as it is put in and the vehicle is started. It doesn't leak out unless it is running. I've been told it could be the head gasket, the water pump or possibly the water pump gasket. If anyone has any idea what the definate problem is, please let me know as I need to get this car back up and running. Thanks.

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it could be the water pump, the wtr. pmp gasket, the head gasket, along with a radiator hose, or the radiator its self, take it to someone that works on cars, find out what it is and go from there.

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Have you looked under the hood to see if you can find where the water is comming from?

The water pump has a relief hole in its housing on the bottom side. When fluid leaks past the seal, it dumps through this hole. Sometimes, this is hard to see directly because of the location of the hole. The fluid can run over surfaces and may appear to be coming from elsewhere.

A heater hose can leak under pressure but hold fluid when the engine is at rest. The heater hose may be attached to a nipple pointing up located on or near the thermostat housing. The hose makes a 90 deg bend and travels back to the firewall. With time, this 90 deg bend becomes severe. A crack may develop on the underside of this bend. When the engine is at rest, the weight of the hose closes the hole, but when pressure is applied, the hose rises a bit and the hole opens. To detect, lift the hose and inspect. Be careful if the engine is running. Hot fluid can spew out; and keep your fingers away from belts and moving objects.

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