Fit, Finish and Function of Futuro Futuro ??

fly-weightFebruary 8, 2012

I love the look, prices seem very reasonable.

Has anyone seen one of these in person or heard it running?

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They are all about looks and not at all about function. If you never cook, you might be happy with them.

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Wow.. that is interesting!
I may need to consider the modern air.

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This is an ongoing debate on this forum - looks vs performance. I own the galaxy which isn't their signature designer model but it suits the style of my kitchen and works well with my cooking habits. You do hear it on the 3rd & 4th speeds, but it's definitley quieter than "the average" range hoods I've come across while shopping. Also, here's a thread with a few other opinions:

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Thanks for the links..all very helpful!
I currently have a 14 year old Faber. While I find it noisy on the high setting, it has done a good job, and is easy to clean.

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Fori is not pleased

GreenDesigns, which model have you used?

They have some odd designs that work for difficult places, but their showroom situation stinks!

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Green Design, could you elaborate what you did not like about the hoods?

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Here is some geeky advice. Don't worry overly about the cfm numbers given to describe the power of a hood - they only describe the power of the blower inside when it isn't connected to anything, not what the hood will actually deliver for you. Futuro-futuro hoods claim great draw (many at 940 cfm) but the laws of physics say that is impossible to achieve from the 6" ducting they use. Zephyr hoods seem to always use 8" ducts when they have a blower stronger than 600 cfm, and that makes sense. F-F hoods look nice and sleek in part because of the narrow ducting. So if the power of the draft is what matters most to you, look at the spec sheet of the hood and get one with an 8" duct and not a F-F with a 6". If style matters a lot, an F-F may be just fine. Also, look at the size of the filters that actually
draw in the air. A hood with a small filter and elegant glass surround won't capture as much as a hood with 3 large filter openings that cover the whole area of the hood.
That said, capture isn't everything. Unless you have all 6 burners going with very high flames on a high BTU stove, you won't need huge draw to take the heat away. If you are worried about catching steam, grease, smells, I would pay a lot of attention to the size of the capture area (the opening at the bottom of the hood) and less to the power (Cfm) of the blower.
Also, if you need a long length of duct and a lot of turns in order to vent your hood to the outside, that will decrease your drawing power no matter what.
Maybe because I'm a scientist, I've been obsessing overly about these things as I pick my own hood. Hope that helps!

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