Ford PowerSroke Diesel s 6.0 vs 7.3

mister_hMarch 15, 2007

Now there is a war going on between Ford and IH because of some kind of warranty cost reimbursement on failed diesel engins that IH supplied to use on Ford's trucks. Is it mainly because of numersous troubles on 6.0L engine? I am in the market to buy an used diesel F250 or F350 to tow a trailer. I have a coworker who owns a '01 F250 w/ 7.3L and he's telling me that I need to avoid 6.0L. Then, there is another coworker with '04 6.0L truck and he says he has never had a problem. On the spec sheet, the 6.0 shines better in every way when comparing to 7.3. But is it not reliable?

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I have a number of friends that have both. In my business a number of us travel all over the eastern seaboard selling crafts at shows. They tow gooseneck race car trailers.
The F350 Crew Cab Dually is the vehicle of choice for about 95% of these exhibitors. One has a Dodge and two have Chevys.

About 4 people have experienced a major problem. But each one was the turbo failing. They were all repaired under warranty, but one friend was constantly breaking down. The DEALER decided the truck as a lemon and replaced it.

But even with the situation with the turbos, every one goes out and buys another Ford. However, now when they come to a stop, they let the truck idle for about 2 minutes to let the turbo spool down. That seems to have eliminated that problem.

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