Saving money on new car?

mandysbabaMarch 23, 2007

Has anyone purchased a car using their Costco or Sam's membership? Does it save money and/or hassle to buy this way?

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I haven't done it, but I'd think it would save some hassle since the price of the vehicle is determined ahead of time.

The advantage to you is a middle man, the car salesman, would be cut out of the process. You wouldn't have to play that hide the weenie game with a salesman for 3 hours to get a price.

Don't know if you'd save a dime or if it would cost you more money. You can get the 'costco' price for the car and see if you think that's better than what you'd do on your own. Without further research, you're still flying blind. By research, I mean ignor the sticker price, and find the invoice price of the car. Determine what the factory hold back is (a small percentage guaranteed profit for the dealer). Determine what if any factory incentives there are. Car salesmen want you to negotiate down from MSRP. The closer to msrp they get you, the more they make. YOU want to negotiate up from invoice. How willing they are to do that depends on how hot the car you want to buy is and what volume of vehicles the dealership goes through. To me, for the costco deal to have real value, they'd be able to say up front that the price is $200 or whatever above invoice of whatever you want to buy and show you the invoice. Since they're not doing that, the dealer is still picking the purchase price which is who know's where between invoice and msrp jmo

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Although you may save a few bucks buying from Costco, it is nice to have a good relationship with a local dealer (that you trust) when you have a problem and for recall and warranty work. At my location, this appears to be a good time to deal for a new car as we enter the last week of March. The dealer car show ended about a week ago, but many dealers have extended 'show rebates' into this week. I expect that the special 'push' will end after Mar. 31st.

However, like the stock market, car prices are not predictable. Each week is a new game.

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----------However, like the stock market, car prices are not predictable. Each week is a new game.-----------

I can pretty accurately predict what your new car value will do as soon as you title it and drive it off the lot though (no matter where you buy it) LOL

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Yes its good to have a rerlationship with a dealer,but always doesnt work out. Yrs back in Victoria BC, I was looking to uopgrade my basic Integra, to the top of the line Integra. I went back to the place where I had purchased it from and maintained it there as well, so they had all the records right in front of them. They were a pain to dela with,lol I ended up going tovancouver and got a way better deal, wasn't even in the same ballpark, and yes was purchasing the exact same car. The saleslady phoned back a few days later and asked how my trip to vancouver was, I said we had prurchased the car, thern she wanted to know for how much, I just stated a lot better than what you had offered (very politely) I stil had my car serviced with them, and still recieved excellent maintaince service. Unfortunately I only had the car for a few months whrn a kid rear ended me (they estimate speed 40-60 km/hr) and totlaed off my car (luckily I had ful lreplacement insureance,wheww) The Victoria dealership was much better to deal with this time around!

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When we purchased our last car we used the costco discount. The deal was we had to use one of the dealerships on their list and we pay invoice no haggling.

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