Better Way To Clean White Wall Tires??

buckyMarch 27, 2006

I've used SOS pads to clean whitewall tires for many years and it does an ok job but does anyone on the list know of a better way to get old yellowed white walls looking white again?


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Westley's Bleach White, available everywhere car cleaning stuff is sold.

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Yes it works good on black walls also.I remember white walls and liked them clean.But now days I think if I had them I would be tempted to paints them black.Or just have then turned to the inside like so many do.

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johndeere: The whitewalls are on a restored classic 1966 Thunderbird Convertible. As most on this list would know, whitewall tires were the standard on many of the vehicles of the 60s, particularly the high end stuff. The tires are like new except for the yellowed white stripes. I live in western Canada and so far haven't found the stuff that Gary suggested I use. I'll keep looking though. Thanks for the suggestions. This is one great list.

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I always bought Westley's Bleach White in the gallon containers. But a couple of years ago I couldn't find it anywhere. So I tried Purple Power from Walmart. It smells like it has the same chemicals in it. It seems to work just as good. I have raised white letters and clean them at least once a week so they don't get real dirty. But I know when you are spraying it. And you get some of the mist in your nose it will choke you like the Westley's does. Like I said it smells just like Westley's. So try it and see what you think. OH! one more thing it is about half the price of Westley's Bleach White


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Bob: Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check at one of our Walmart stores and see if they stock Purple Power here.

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I would try Simple Green.

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A stiff bristle brush and some all-purpose cleaner works.

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Why not try some regular bleach(diluted ??) and a scotch-brite pad ??

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Is the purple wax they had years ago called Purple Power???Do they still make that?
Id like to know too hubby is gonna put his 2 cars a 37 ford coupe 2 door original,and a 49 plymouth 2 door,in some shows.Already won numerous ribbons,trophys..It has huge white walls.

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Does comet bleach clean white wall tires for a schwinn bicycle

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