Shower stall tile leak -- retro questions

stevebassFebruary 7, 2014

I need some advice on which professional does what job -- and the order that the work needs to take place.

I'd very much like to salvage the tile above the bench, and it's not because of the cost -- the thought of weeks of demolition and isn't appealing.

Here's a video of the shower

Here are the facts:

The tiles under the shower stall bench/seat are crumbling.

I'm guessing the shower stall was built when the house was -- in the early 40s. The shower pan appears to have been replaced before we bought the house, about 28 years ago. We're in southern California, so I'm fairly certain the pan was hot mopped.

The bottom of the bench looks like it wasn't completely tiled.

I don't know how much water has seeped into the wall.

Some questions below -- hoping for answers, and any other advice very welcome.

1. How can we determine if entire shower must be rebuilt?

2. Can we have tile removed from bench and below, have a new hot mop pan and drain installed, and then retiled? If yes, who does tile removal?

3. Does tile person or hot mop person replace drain, or do we need a plumber?


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Looking at your video, I would think it is advisable to replace the entire shower. I know it's easy for me to say, and you would have to live through the demolition process. But two things,
#1 you would know that the entire shower is done properly and with proper/up to date waterproofing methods, and #2 you would actually be free to design a shower exactly how you want it and not be limited to 70 year old colours/materials.

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What's your thought on who does the demolition and rebuilding the wood framing -- the tile guy or a general contractor?

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1. Replacing 1/2 of that shower is like rebuilding a "totaled" car. Can it be done? Yes. Should you? Probably not. It's just a little more work and material to have all new. If this were a historic home, the answer may be different.

2. Yes, but see above. If I were the tile guy, I'd prefer to do the demo.

3. You need both.

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