Undercoating a '68 Porsche

gilster5March 6, 2008

I have read the reviews on undercoating of new vehicles, but what about older ones. I am moving to Germany with my 1968 Porsche 912. Germany salts their roads in the winter. What are your thoughts on undercoating or rust proofing. Due to the age of the car, I will not be driving it a lot in the winter.

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A 1968 911 Porsche - I'll bet that one is becomming a collector's car in Germany (if it is in reasonable shape). If I had a 911 in Germany, I would consider not exposing it to winter time driving and increasing the chance that it would get banged up or destroyed. Maybe you could use the policy, when there's salt on the road, the 911 doesn't go. Get something else to that you don't care that much about to expose to commuting in the winter and save your jewel for fair weather.

You said that you were moving to Germany. Is this a permanent relcoation or will will you be back in the States after awhile? if oyu are going to be back within 2 years, investigate the cost of storing your car instead of shipping it to Germany, then back again, and getting it through customs bothways. If you store it, maybe you can induce a friend to start it every two months.

These are just a few thoughts. Let's wait to hear what John_G has to say about today's undercoatings.

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Really I know almost nothing about them. I used to do rustproofing as a young tehnician and can state that there was a difference in lifespan between treated cars, and untreated ones. But nothing made any of them last forever except constant care.

A 68 Porsche should be used as a toy, and not driven in less than perfect weather. JMHO. Rustproofing may slow down the rate at which body damage occurs, but will not totally prevent it.

BTW, nuts, bolts, electronics are my strengths,,, if you see me with a paint gun in my hand consider it a deadly weapon because something ugly is about to happen... :)

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