My Jeep's bumper is cracked.....

sharon620March 4, 2007

Hello Everyone

I was just wondering what you think about a cracked bumper?

Either someone hit it... no marks though or something... the bumper is severely cracked on both sides and the screws that hold it on in the back are either missing or very loose.

These bumpers on the new cars are cheap!

By the way this is my Jeep Grand Cherokee 06.

Thanks for your input!


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Are you sure that the metal part of the bumper is cracked, or is it the plastic trim moldings that cover the bumper that are cracked?

In any event, you should have the bumper asembly inspected to see if any of the main parts need replacing particularily the bumper mounts.

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My bumper is mainly plastic. It is cracked bad. The screws behind the bumper are loose or fell out. The black part underneath is not damaged. It is a lease... I don't think I am getting it fixed until I turn the car in, something else may happen.
It is also starting to peel again. The paint on the bumper again.
I give up :(

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