Hi John. re leaking C.V. boot.

kaliningMarch 6, 2008

I replaced the entire axil half shaft assembly on my car.

Once the car is jacked up and the old axil is removed i

can replace with a new axil in about 15 seconds. It takes about 1/2 to 3/4 hour to put in a boot kit. It's not worth my time. Calipers,axils,wheel cylinders, E.C.Ms, programers, carbs,A.C. compressors, alternaters, and most other things are replaced. All can be repaired including the E.C.M. Yes i had to repair them. The opti coupler or the E-E- prom was the only thing that went wrong and that

was almost always customer owned fault. They blew it up.

Prime example. The G.M. 6.5 turbo diesle. Everyone replaces

the injector pump. WRONG. There is a factory fault with that system and it is not the pump. Actually as i reread

my post the G.M. diesle has nothing to do with axils. Sorry

about that. Got off topic. Anyway, 3/4 hour for a boot kit

or 15 seconds to replace the axil. You be the judge.

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Axil - uh um like maybe Axel ?????

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Ooops!!! Gulp!!! Axle????

Well I've had a couple.....

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Sorry about that. I can fix them. I can't spell them.

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It takes me around ten minutes to actually replace a boot oce the axle is on the work bench. But to each their own. Frankly most of the re-man axles are so cheap it really does make me wonder how they can do it and maintain a reasonable profit.

BTW If I have to tear a joint completely apart for cleaning and repacking it might take me twenty minutes +R&R of the axle shaft......

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