comments on new minivans?

neversink4March 1, 2012

Just starting to research new minivans. Have had a Buick Rendezvous for 6 years and dissapointed that it's probably not going to make 150,000 miles. There's 128,000 on it and I am sensing transmission problems.

Anyone have any words of wisdom and good reviews on the new minivans? I'm thinking of anything from Dodge Caravans, Kia, Hyundis, Toyotas.

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Ur Buick may be paid for? It might need a trans sensor replaced for 500 or a 2000 rebuild. Or the trans wiring might have a short and it is only an odd elec problem. So u want to spend 25k on new van? Even a new Honda or Toyota van can have mechanical issues. A man made part can fail on any brand. U want others to predict the future repair potential on ur new van? Good luck

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You are right on with the rebuild. I didn't get any replies here for a while so I posted on Household finances if you want to see replies. No one addressed the it from the direction you did. Thanks. How about those prices? What an investment!

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First, an automobile is the WORST "investment" you can make. You will ALWAYS lose monry.

All of today's autos are designed to go 150,000 miles. Some die sooner, and some die later.

But if you're considering a new minivan all of thgem are good veihicles. Honda and Toyota remain the most trouble free but the Chrysler ones are getting better all the time.

Ford has gotten out of the minivan market but has the Ford Flex. A big, roomy wagon.

But the Rendezvous isn't exactly a minivan. So if you're looking at something smaller I would also consider the Ford Edge. Light years ahead of your Buick.

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The Rendezvous really isn't a mini-van, it's what's called a "crossover SUV" which is a way of saying a SUV built on a car chassis; in this case a shortened version of GM's U platform. Everybody has figured out that few SUV drivers actually need off-road capability so by building the vehicle on a car chassis, the best attributes of both can be combined.

Lots of great choices out there in a CUV.

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Sorry I jumped all over you on money issues. U want new rig after 5-6 yrs. nothing wrong with that. We have equinox. Rides fine and can haul stuff. I had minivan before. Did not like boxy feel, poor handling sensation. U need to decide what type of rig u want. Any new rig has warranty. And all have similar resale so toss out money issue.

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Vans are really really weird lol

Here is a link that might be useful: One Direction

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