How to get started with car buying/research?

fh2000March 2, 2006

The last time I bought a vehicle was in 96' for our mini-van. I did it on I did a google search and it came up with, so got bought out?

I am in the market for a mid-sized SUV now. Where are the popular web sites with decent price and car buying experience?

I hate talking to car salesmen.

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One way, more or less, to avoid the car-salesman is to buy privately.
And I agree, far too many salesmen are not very nice, nor pleasant.
I wonder is any college, any school teaches "salesmanship", the modern way(my way) ???

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We just bought a new car but we knew what we wanted. We went to the manufacturers web site and were able to get quotes from 6 local dealers. We never talked to a salesman until we had papers in hand and asked the nearest dealer if he could beat the best offer. He did and we bought. I would never buy any other way.

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I bought my current car over the Internet as well. Did the research on the Web (Edmund's seems pretty good, as do the Web sites for magazines like Car and Driver, Road & Track, etc.). If you know what few brands you'd like to examine more closely, most of the manufacturer's Web sites will let you "build" your own car -- a good way to find out which options or packages are available and what goes with what. On the independent Web sites, you can get bids from local dealers for the brand you're investigating. I did this; one of the dealers goofed (in my favor) on the bid but stood by it and I got a great deal. I definitely would do it that way again, as well.

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