HELP - Shower floor grout turning blue/green

piscesgirlFebruary 22, 2014

We had master bathroom completed 4 months ago. While cleaning the white marble tile shower floor I noticed we are getting a slight blue/green staining to some of the grout lines. It isn't horrible yet, but obviously I want to get rid of the stains and stop any future staining.

We used Laticrete Epoxy grout in white. Marble (not grout) was sealed prior to grouting. I though epoxy grout was bullet proof but I can't get the stains out with just scrubbing. Any suggestions on what we can use to get the stains that is safe to use with marble?

Also trying to figure out what is causing the stains as we don't have this issue anywhere else in our house. The products we use in the shower are not colored or have any dyes.

So far I have read two things....both relating to the water. We have public water and when we first moved in we had the water tested and it was slightly hard. We don't have a softener. Don't recall the ph level.
1) Copper. Stain can happen when there is copper content in water and it is able to stand & evaporate. Typically comes from copper pipes corroding due to acidic (low pH) water.
2) Chlorine. Our public water uses chloramine (chlorine and ammonia) and from what I read that can also turn things blue if let to stand and evaporate.

I am going to get a water test kit however I don't know the levels of what is good or bad with these items to know which if either would cause blue/green staining.

Anyone else encounter this issue and resolve it?

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My first guess would have been products, I know my husband's Head and Shoulders leaves blue streaks on my CM walls that I have to clean off.

I would contact Laticrete's Customer Service and ask them. As for cleaning, I like to use Method all purpose spray, supposedly OK for marble but I would check. I use it on all my granite, CM and everything else, even glass.

Good luck with the detective work!

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I really don't think it is defective work and I know it isn't our products. Our liquid soap is clear and our shampoo is white. The products we use to clean the shower are also clear and white.

I am going to call Laticrete on monday - at the very least the may be able to suggest what to clean the epoxy grout with that is safe for marble.

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First home, I said 'detective', not defective...t not f! LOL With this font they look similar.

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Hi I know this is an old thread but IâÂÂm having a similar problem. Was Laticrete any help in solving the problem? Were you able to find out what and how to fix what the blue/green color?
Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hmm....could be your water? When we had a swimming pool, we added some water from our own well, that pool turned green, then brown, then purple (just like grape Koolaid) Every time the pool guy told us to try this or that chemical to fix it, the color changed. We finally got it right, but I think that certain minerals in your water can cause the color changes. Sometimes I notice a greenish ring in my white sink, but it cleans up easily. Grout is another story, much harder to clean. I am in the process of remodeling our bathroom, which has white grout and I will never choose white again. Too hard to keep nice and white. It looked great when we first put it in, but over the years it's been a hassle trying to keep it bright and white.

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We are on a well and get green stains all the time - mostly when DH neglects to add chemicals to our water conditioner. It's caused by acid water that corrodes the copper water pipes. It cleans off easily for me.

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Wondering if you might have copper or magnesium in your water, or any of the products you use in the shower.

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