PRXH18-M30 Vent-A-Hood M Series with Baffles

UncleRon2February 1, 2013

I had ordered the VAH 6 weeks ago thinking I am getting Baffles and the Magic Lung. Sort of like wearing a belt and suspenders too. But no Magic Lung on M Series. My mistake which I am willing to except. But my problem is with the Baffles.

All hoods with Baffles that I am familiar with always emptied into a cup or trough to capture the grease. With the PRXH18 Series there is nothing! I called tech support of the vendor and spoke to Monty who was nice enough to talk me off the cliff. Because honestly I was a bit on the edge after paying $2K and waiting 6 weeks.

So I recorded a video which I hope can convey my concerns and posted it on YouTube.I would really appreciated it if the GardenWeb members would watch it and comment here if I am totally wrong or should I return the hood.

Here is the link to the video:

I believe that with any usage the grease will just flow straight out and onto the range. Monty says that the grease will be very thick and will not flow at all and will stay in the baffle. But I will have to clean it every week so that it will not "Over Flow". I have a 30" BlueStar RNB and it is Hot! Any grease above that range is going to flow like Maple Syrup.

So am I just over thinking this or is this a serious design flaw?

Here is a link that might be useful: Video of VAH Baffles

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I think you're over-thinking it. I have a DCS hood that have baffles and no grease trough and I've never had any grease flow down onto the range like maple syrup. It all stays in the baffle or worst case in the groove that the baffle sits in. I wash the baffles every few months. How much deep frying are you planning to do?

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Well that's encouraging. I cook everyday but do not deep fry much. Plan on doing some Wok cooking once the vent is up. I just don't see how the grease, with all that heat, won't run or flow to the lowest point. With nothing to catch it I could easily see it flowing to the cook top.

So you are saying that you have a similar setup and the grease just sits on the baffles and does not flow down?

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Yup, the grease just sticks to the baffles in my setup - the baffles would have to get awfully hot to liquefy the grease in my opinion. In the video he uses water which obviously will drip out.

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Yeah that's me with the water. I'm a rookie with hoods. Never had one before. Always thought all baffles emptied into a cup or trough. Live and learn.

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I have a Rangecraft hood with baffles (my first real hood ever) over a CC rangetop. The baffles have never leaked. There is no trap or grease cup to hold gunk (I could never figure out why VAH thinks that's a good design). My baffles hold any grease or oil or whathaveyou until I take them out and throw them in the DW. I used to run them through the DW every week or so but have been forgetting lately due to the fact that I run a full DW twice a day and usually don't have room. Even washing them once a month like I've been doing is fine. The baffles never drip anything on the floor counter when removing them and putting them in the DW. It's so incredibly easy to clean baffles.

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Thank you Breezygirl. That is reassuring to hear. Looking at it does not fill me with confidence but if others have found it to be effective then I'll give it a try. Shipping it back would not be a pleasant experience so you are saving me from the grief. Thanks.

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Commercial hoods use a cup because they are operated all day long and the baffles can't be taken out of service very often. They also use baffles that by code have to be steeper than 45 degrees.

Residential hoods have shallow angle baffles that move grease to their lower ends at a very slow rate. The build up in the trough is slight over a long period on my Wolf Pro Island hood. So slight that the baffles after weeks of intermittent use have more oil on them than the troughs do.


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