Arch over the tub question

deedlesFebruary 2, 2012

Hi all,

Looking for some opinions on our bathroom remodel. Sorry I have no pic but there are only stud walls right now anyway.

So, please picture this. You are standing facing a 9 ft. long wall with a 9 ft. tall ceiling. On this wall starting on the left is a 60" tub/shower alcove. Then a 6" wide x 3'deep wall (right wall of shower alcove) then a 40" wide toilet space, uh, I'll call it a stall for want of a more attractive word.

Here is the question: I'd like to have an arch over the tub. And then it seems one would need to have an arch over the toilet 'stall', too right? Wouldn't it look odd not to arch both spaces since they are next door to each other on the same wall? My DH is wondering if the two different widths of arches (5' wide vs. 3'4") will look goofy. I said having one arch and one rectangle would look goofy to my mind.

What say you all?

And then I guess another question: Does anyone have any idea how far down the built in valance over the shower should be, if it's either arched or straight?

Would it look stupid to have both openings go straight up to the ceiling? That seems awfully odd to me but maybe not.

I mean, do any of you guys have a 9' ceiling in your shower and if so, how do you get up there to clean it? Can you get a shower curtain in custom lengths? What is the meaning of life and how did the Packers not end up in the Super Bowl this year? Okay now, too many questions when I said one.

Here is the paper I'm using for the walls, if that helps the feel of what is going on.

Thank you for opinions on any or all of my questions. Forget the Packer one, I already know the answer to that :/

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You hang the shower curtain at the normal height. That doesn't change based on the ceiling height. I would not do 2 arches. I would drop the ceiling over the toilet alcove to the same height as the bottom of the arch over the tub. I'd make it a niche and put something decorative in there. And you would clean the 9' ceiling the same way you clean all your other 9' ceilings. Other than running a vacuum around the edges and light fixtures, I don't recall ever cleaning ceilings.

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Just so I understand your thoughts: drop the ceiling over the toilet alcove entirely. Not just frame in a drop valance at the front of the alcove to make the opening shorter but keep the ceiling inside 9'?

Am I strange for washing the ceiling of our shower when I wash the walls? Never bothers me to forgo unnecessary cleaning, lol.

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You could do either; I just thought it would be nice to get some use out of that space and would balance nicely with the arch. I've never found it necessary to wash the ceiling (except for the one time someone shook a bottle of soda and then opened it so it sprayed all over the kitchen ceiling). Now, if you have mold up there that needs cleaning, you have a more serious problem.

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