Can someone identify this brick?

jdezJanuary 30, 2014

I like this brick and wanted to ask my brick guy if there is any in the area for us to see in real life. Does anyone know the name of this brick? I'm posting this with an IPad but if it's right side up, I'm talking about the brick on the right side. I think the brick on the left is slightly different. Just thought I'd try....TIA

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Also, I saw a used brick for sale in the paper. It was $330 for a pallet of 600 bricks. Is that a good price? It's about two hours away. By the time I rent a truck and forklift and find a bricklayer, would I save anything by buying used bricks or would the PITA be a waste of effort?

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That is close to a brick we used on the house we are building right now. I actually remember looking at that picture on houzz when we were trying to select. We ended up going with one called "ole Georgian tudor"...but they have a couple other options that may be closer to that picture. here is a link to the website and Ill post a picture of what our brick ended up looking like.

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Stuarbc, Nice brick. I like your board & batten too. Thank you.

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That looks to me to be a true antique brick. The chippy paint and uneven sizes are gorgeous! We are using an antique brick, it was about $100 additional per 1000 brick for the material. The masons are charging slightly more for install too, but I'm not sure how much more.

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Jackson, that figures...its a hard to find, super expensive antique Why can't I fall in love with a manufactured tan brick? I bet your brick turns out beautiful. Be sure to post a pic.

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JDez- I think I read that you are in south Louisiana. (I am, too. Hi, neighbor!) Any chance you are in the lafayette area? The brick you show looks very similar to the brick on our old house. It was from Mike Baker Brick in Lafayette, though I can't recall the specific name at the moment. I will try to find it in my old papers when I get home. Also, look at their website's photo gallery and they list the name of the brick used in the houses they show (lots of examples of houses with brick popular in this area). Even if you aren't near lafayette, perhaps having a name to take to your local brick people would be helpful?
(BTW, for our new house, we used antique bricks- Virginia Olds- and I think they were $595 per 1000, about $200 more per 1000 than the manufactured bricks we considered.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Brick gallery

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You prob don't want to fall in love with the roof in that pic, either :)

Our brick is called Old Delta.

And the Jack arch. We only did these across the front, and it saved us a whole lot of money. we're doing a solider course on the other 3 sides.

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Chili beans, thanks for the info. I am about two hours away from Lafayette. I checked out the website and they have some nice brick. I'm going to pick some to show to the brick guy. He swears he get any brick that exists.

Jackson, it's ok, I am getting used to drooling over things I can't have while we build this house. But I always check anyway just to see if there's any possible way to get it, just in case. Anyway, your brick looks awesome! Is that the buff colored mortar? I like it.

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Looks like what I'm about to use on my house:

Old Texas Brick Tiffany Red

Here is a link that might be useful: Old Texas Brick Tiffany Red

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Carsonheim, I've been at a Mardi Gras thing and didn't see your post until now. My brick guy called me today and said he thought it was either Antique Old St. Louis or Texas Soft Red from Old Texas Brick. He might have gotten it confused with the Tiffany Red. I'll text him on Monday and mention it to him. He will surely hate me by the time we make a decision on this Thanks.

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Oh, and Carson, please post pics when they get done. There are none to be found by googling. Or maybe it was the Mardi Gras thing.....

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No problem, happy to help.

Where did you get that photo from? Tiffany Red is a fairly new blend by Old Texas Brick. I've been unsuccessful finding photos.

I lied about doing my house in that. I'm actually doing a blend of Tiffany Red with Chicago Red, and adding a few extra blacks here and there. Custom blend :)

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Carson, my friend emailed me that picture. She said she found it on pinterest. I like most of the bricks I've seen on the Old Texas Brick website. I liked the Chicago Red too. We have been trying to choose brick since Christmas. DH and I cannot agree on this one. This has been our hardest decision to make on this house. We are running out of time, though, and need to come up with something.

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