2006 vw beetle

rabbit8March 22, 2009

I was backing out of my driveway and accidently drove over the curb and bent underneath the side (infront of the left back wheel). you can't really tell that its bent until you are walking toward the car. I want to know will this be hard to repair.?

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Most shops will give you a free estimate. It's hard to tell without a pic to see how extensive the damage is.

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I can't know the extent of the damage with this information, so will put forth some general thoughts.

1. If the wheel rim, the part near where the tire bead seals, is dented, its likely best to replace the wheel.

2. If the wheel is a steel stamping, there may exist a possibility of straightening it, but would you want to trust it a 70 mph?

3. If the wheel is a cast alloy, then in my opinion that it should be replaced.

Keep and eye and ear on the wheel bearings of this spindle. These may fail (or become noisy) within 8000 miles. If they become noisy, replace immediately because complete failure is probably near at hand. If the bearings remain quiet for 8000 miles, then they will probably last for many more miles. However, when it comes to wheel bearings, there is no given or precise predictred failure point. Your road conditions and results may vary.

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If it is a steel wheel then it can be straightened out easily enough with a big hammer. And if the tyre doesn't seal quite right then pop an inner tube in. If, however, you have dented an alloy wheel you need to get a specialist to look at it as there could be hairline fractures present which could fail at a later date.

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