My 'Truck'!!!!???

kelsg68March 22, 2007

I am the proud and long time owner of a 1981 diesel Volkswagon Pick-up. My question is this...I am having an extemely hard time starting it. I read through past diesel related forums...I thought maybe some would could give me a push in the right direction. It acts like the glowplugs aren't working...I have to let it sit there and grind before it finally kicks over...then an enormous amout of smoke comes out the tail pipe. The engine is fairly new...and my mechanics think because I'm female I can't possibly know what I'm talking about....HELP!

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Glow plugs not working certainly makes for a hard start, and maybe no-start in very cold weather. Also, the battery must be able to spin the engine at a reasonable speed. Altitude is a factor, too.

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Does it start hard both when it's "cold" and when it's warmed up? How old are the glow plugs? Are you sure they're working correctly? How old is the battery? How's the performance (I know, relative term on a Caddy :-) once it's started -- okay or slower than usual? How old is the diesel fuel you're using?

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Gee, I decided to read this one today and found the trouble shooting thread interesting. What a disappointment when I see the originator "kelsg68" seems to have lost interest just after posting. "Must be a gal thing"...paraphrasing the often heard remark by gals about some things guys go: "Must be a guy thing".

My question is what's left of the body of the truck, after all it is 26 years old. Being much older than that myself, I do remember the VW pick up trucks, and recall them to be very petite, not a "guy thing".

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