refinish wheels

joe_mnMarch 26, 2006

i have some alloy wheels i use in the summer. they are painted i assume with a clearcoat. the hub section of the wheels have a lot of corosion where the clear coat has lifted and the surface underneath is crusty. i want to try and strip the bad section since it is fairly flat and try and repaint it close to the original grey color. i figure if i use liquid stripper and a small brush and take my time, it might work. anyone try this? no the rims are not worth having stripped professionally. the "spoke" sections are in good shape. hmm, 3yr old rims and crappy finish.

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Crappy finish-- a variety of reasons-- most probly the surface wasn't prepped thoroughly. You can see some fairly new vehicles with big swatches of paint off.

The clear coat is a 2 part poly-urethane. Acetone or lacquer thinner probly would be the solvent to use. Most likely you would wind up relying primarily on sanding. Any clear coat that hasn't detached could be left if you feathered the edge in but its tricky and might show. Total removal is best if its a small area.

When you finish sanding the surface wash it with liguid dish detergent > rinse thoroughly with clear water and a clean rag > let dry > wipe down with MEK and a clean rag. Change rags often. I'd use a rattle can for that small area for both color and clear overcoat. Duplicolor is one I use but there may be better. It is of course not a 2 part product. Fog on the first coat > light second coat > heavy 3rd coat.

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I bought the car 6yrs ago. 3yrs ago I decided to get some different wheels. I figured $200/set was a good price for 16" alloys. chrome lug nuts were $40 and mounting/balancing the old tires was another $75. it never ends. than 1 yr later i noticed the 1st corrosion area. soon all 4 wheels were about the same shape. yr round in MN winters is not a good idea. Its almost time to put on the "summer" alloys so I better get going.

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