Cabon Build-up in Engine

mister_hMarch 27, 2006

I'm suspecting some carbon build-up on top of pistons and inside the head. What's the best way to clean them without opening up the head?

Thanks for your input.

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There's a couple of things you can do.

1. Have a shop do a professional cleaning. They do this by injecting the cleaner fluid directly into the fuel log while the engine is running. (Assumes that the engine is equipped with fuel injectors.)

2. Use the type of injector/engine cleaner that goes into the gas tank. Run a couple of treated tankfuls through. Make sure that the cleaner is rated not to harm the catalytic convertor.

I have taken the head off an old engine (Dodge 3.3 L V6) after some cleaner had been run through, and its effects could be seen. The combustion chamber was not totally free of carbon, but a lot was gone directly under the spray pattern of the injectors, and there was no thick buildups.

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Carbon build up is quite possible, what symptoms are you noticing to make you think your engine is having this trouble?

As far as cleaning it out, there are a number of different ways. GM Top Engine cleaner, which has been around for decades is one of the most popular. There is also induction services that are pretty amazing at how easy they are to do and good the results are. Then you have the old water injection trick that has worked for ever, but you have to be carefull not to have all of it delivered to only one or two cylinders due to intake manifold designs.

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Noticed abnormal engine knocking on old engine (didn't have this symptom and had been using same gas for the most of time).
Is GM Top Engine cleaner only avail from GM dealer? Are there any other fuel-additives (to clean carbon build up) that I can buy from PepBoys or AutoZone? Would the cleaner work on carb engine?
Does certain brand gas or higher octane gas result in less carbon build up?
Thanks for your advice.

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People tells me that seafoam works well,it sold at most autoparts.


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