Planning a Drawers only Vanity (No doors)- Feedback please?

raehelenFebruary 12, 2013

Have looked at several cabinet places, big box stores, and online. Finally decided that best use of my limited space in Our planned Master Bath reno is to use all drawers in our cabinet base. (Want to store towels there, cleaning supplies can go in recessed cabinet over toilet). Looking at the 36" wide 3 drawer base in our kitchen, I figure there's a fair amount of useable space in there. DH will do the plumbing to try and minimize how much drawer space has to be taken up/wasted. I am thinking of going kitchen height and depth. Thought a vessel sink might be wise, but saw it at a cabinet place on the higher counter, and have to admit, it did look out of place. So, guess I'm wondering if those of you who have counter height drawer-type vanities, have chosen undermount or vessel-type sinks, and what your feedback would be.

Here is a drawing of what I'm thinking. Cabinet places seem very expensive (anything custom is more and more money for each change) Quotes on paper could go up by another $500 or so for the changes we're looking at. Cabinet maker quotes have run $600-$1000, so we will have it custom made by a local carpenter, aside from the cost savings, just feel more comfortable with getting what we want.

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I understand your desire to utilize space via drawers. Last year we updated our Master Bath and maximized as best we could..

Ours was custom built by a local cabinetmaker and we found it was significantly less costly than what we located elsewhere and is to our specifications. 34" high and undermounted basins. I'm 5' 4" and kitchen counter height might be uncomfortable for me in the bathroom.

We have a vessel in our Powder Room and it is appropriate there however don't believe one would be satisfactory elsewhere.

Here's a link to photos of our Master. Larger than your space but possibly some ideas. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Master Bathroom

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I wonder how many towels you will realistically be able to fit in your drawers, especially when you have to deal with plumbing? What about storage for toilet paper?

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fnmroberts, snapfish was down, so will check your photos Wed. morning.'

numbersjunkie, I mocked up the space for my drawers, folded the towels I would be storing, and figured out the space I needed! Hopefully, with DH doing the plumbing, and then our custom carpenter rigging up the drawers to maximize space around them, we should be good. Toilet paper (you can never have too much toilet paper, though I do plan to have a washlet, and I'm hoping I won't be using as much TP--LOL) will be stored in large cupboard behind toilet (above tank). We have a little alcove where we plan to build in a cupboard to store essentials no more than 8" wide. AND we will have a deep medicine cabinet over sink (wall is 6" deep).

Am hoping that those GWebbers who build/installed drawer vanities will chime in!

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raehelen - Here's a different link. Photos aren't well organized but you and locate one(s) which might be helpful.

Sorry for your inconvenience. I've been trying new posting sites as the one I used for years ceased. Need to keep at it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Master Bathroom

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Thanks so much fmroberts, I use Photobucket too, and my Mom uses Picasa (she really likes that- so another option for you if you don't stay with Photobucket).

Funnily enough, your Master bath is laid out very similar to what we plan to do in our Main bath. We would just place the linen tower and wall next to bath, as that is where our vent pipes go up. Really nice to see all the drawers and pull-outs open. Do you mind telling me the dimensions? We will have ~ 73 " to work with there (not counting the wall between tub and tower), so I was thinking a 54" vanity and 18" tower.

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Babka NorCal 9b

We're planning to do that too! There are some fine examples of drawers with undermounted sinks in beautiful bathrooms on if you search there. I first saw how they can do it on the GW kitchen forum where people put drawers, no doors) under their kitchen sinks.


Here is a link that might be useful: Link to GW kitchen drawer thread

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Thanks so much Babka! Hadn't thought of searching on the Kitchen's forum. The pictures really help! Am hoping to hear from those who have done the drawers in the Bathroom. I had a custom made vanity done in our basement. I had two banks of drawers with a pullout under sink- no wasted space. It is my pet peeve how much space doesn't get used in most 'normal' vanities!

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raehelen - our vanity measures 62" in width with an additional 1" overhang of the granite. Linen cabinet is 22 3/4" overall width x 96" tall.

All of the vanity drawers and the Linen Cabinet have been wonderful improvements for us. Previous narrow and shallow drawers were not useful and the closet for linens had a bi-fold door only 18" wide but of course only about 14" of access.

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I have a similar vanity, all drawers, 36 inches wide and 34 or 35 inches tall and I am 5'2. Height wise, it took awhile to get used to but it is a great looking piece and I love it. Drawers are deep enough to store all my necessary toiletries- water pic, hair driers etc. But I had a very large & deep 36 inch linen closet for everything else (towels, hairsprays & shampoos). I also have a basket under the sink with towels in it (my console did not come down to the floor as far as yours).

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