Had tub reglazed and.....

alisonnFebruary 11, 2014

did NOT opt for non-skid coating on the bottom. Ok, that was a mistake. So, now what can I do to make the tub less slippery? I've been told that a bathmat with suction cups could ruin the finish and I'm not sure if those paint on sandpaper-like products would stick to the epoxy.

We are selling the house, so we don't want to make the tub look bad with stickers. What else have you got?

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The company that did the reglazing can't put the non-skid coating on now? Does it have to be put on before the glaze has cured?

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How about something like this:

There are others on the site too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Slip Doctors

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Double Post

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I would ask the company who did the work. We got the non skid coating. Why didn't you get it?

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We had reglazed the tub in our last house and had the non-skid applied and it was hard to keep clean. We had THIS house on the market and decided that the pink bathroom might be the reason we were not selling, so we had the bathtub reglazed and opted to NOT have the non-skid coating, because the tub (which is only used for guests) would then look pristine. We have since taken the house off the market and now the slippery surface is a safety concern. But we DO plan on putting the house back on the market, so we don't want to stick appliques to the new tub. The non-stick coatings suggested (slip doctor) say that they work on porcelain, but I wonder if they will stick to the epoxy finish. I guess the only way to know is to try.

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I had my tub re-glazed recently, and the man who did it told me to pull up the mat after bathing.
I hang it on my towel rod on the tub surround when not in use. I was doing that anyway so it wouldn't mold.
He also said not to leave anything on the tub edges (shampoo bottles, etc.); they will also get water get trapped underneath during bathing.
He told me it's the water that gets trapped underneath anything on the tub that is the problem; it's the prolonged water contact that messes up the re-glazing.

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I heard suction cup mat = no good, due to constant pulling up on them to take the mat out. Good to know about not leaving shampoo bottles on the edge--I wouldn't have thought that would be a problem.

Moot point - I just took a shower in there to judge how slippery--and the verdict is not really. There seems to be just a tiny bit of.....unsmoothness on the bottom...and try as I might, I did not slip. Bad me listened to people who told me these tubs are slippery and didn't bother to see for myself.

Thanks for the feedback, though!

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Yikes!! I'm bet you're right about that suction being a problem. Thanks so much for letting me know!!!
I did tell the refinisher that the tub was not used much at all, so maybe he was just guessing that suction would not be a problem. But I'm not gonna use the mat!!
This cost $400 to do, so it's the downstairs shower for me from now on. I would have forked out the money for a new tub & tile surround, but my husband would have freaked over several thousand $$$$ spent just to get a tub that matches the new bathroom remodel!

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Before reglazing (its really just painting) our main bath tub, twice the ceramic soap dish got ripped off the tile wall as someone was falling. This tub had an original non slip surface. After repairing the tile twice DH installed a grab bar. No more near accidents. When the tub was reglazed we had the non slip put on but it is not as textured as the original. Glad the grab bar is in place. I keep shampoo bottles on the deck of the tub and no issues. The surface has held up well and is only used by teenagers who have abused it with washing off driveway sealer and purple hair dye.

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Babka NorCal 9b

There are shower mats that are very light weight, (unlike the heavy rubber ones of yore) with a loop on the back to hang it on a hook. (I found one at BBBeyond). We put up a Command Hook for wet places on the wall of our shower/bath combo to let the wet mat drip dry between uses. No need to use a towel bar if you don't have one.


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