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kimkssFebruary 19, 2008

Which would be better quality Advanta by Maax that can be found at Mennards store or Maax Aker that is found through my plumber and considered "professional grade." Someone told me that the one that the plumber uses is usually cheaper so they can offer a better bidding price. What is your input?

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We have 3 of the Aker fiberglass bathtubs. If I could do it again, I would have at least gone with the acrylic ones instead as the fiberglass tubs seem quite flimsy. I am not sure how much sturdier the acrylic ones are, but I would assume they would be a decent improvement over the fiberglass ones. The quality of the tubs seems to be about right for a builder grade fixture.

I have not seen the Advanta, so I am unable to offer any comparisons there.

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i ended up with a maax living tub - it's here but not yet installed. i remember reading that the shower sets they had at HD were better than the sterling vikrel, but not as good as the regular maax brand name stuff. *much* less expensive, though, so kind of expected. I decided against the maax shower in favor of tile.

showrooms told me different things about the tubs, but most told me that aker is a higher level product. i'd guess that's true since they were in showrooms where they had bain's & other high end stuff - why waste precious space with a builder grade tub.

one showroom lady told me that maax used to just do showers & aker was a different company that just did tubs. maax recently bought aker, but some models still kept that aker name. don't know why.

i do know that the 2 aker tubs i sat in were the most comfortable i found. they were just too wide for my bathroom, and did not have air-only. most akers have whirlpool-only i believe.

you may want to email or call the maax customer service - they were helpful when i was trying to figure out details & looking for local places to see tubs.


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