4x4 transmission questions?

irishyankeeMarch 8, 2006

How hard is it to remove the transfer case and place on another tranny?Does the transmission have to be from another 4x4 or could one work out of a 2 wheel drive?And will the transfer case work on a 700r if came off a 350 turbo and vice versa.I thought about trying this if it really not that difficult to do.

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4x4 and 2 w/d transmissions are diferent in the rear, 4x4 has bolt pattern for attaching transfer case, 2w/d just has connection for driveshaft.

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Unless you have a lot of hair you still want to pull out and time and money to play with, and possibly waste, try and stay away from mix and match games.


But if you really want to do this, many auto wrecking yards will have books that list "what interchanges with what".

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if you have similar ( 700r with transfer and without) cases, parts can be changed out to swap transferr case over. but as mentioned, it is not easy. tailshaft and sometimes output shaft needs to be swapped.
doable, but not simple.
700 to 350 tailcase similar, could possibly be retrofitted, but NOT ME. have fun

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I take it's not as easy as changeing the pump on one..But they do make 2 wheel drive transmissions that are interchangeable with the tail interchangeable or do I have to go and tear the tranny completely apart?If this is the case..I won't even waiste my time and what hair I have left.

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