What color grout with white tile in bathtub?

HappyladiFebruary 27, 2008

We have white tile and white grout in our bathtub shower combo. The tub is white. We need to redo the grout and I am wondering how off white or beige grout would look instead of white. The tiles are the basic 4 inch square.

The floor is faux travertine tilewith off white grout, we are redoing the counter in a granite that is beiges, with some black. The sinks will be undermount white, the toilet is white, the woodwork and doors(there are 5)are white. The walls are light sage.

Do you think we should stick with white grout or have some contrast with off white or beige?

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Keep in mind-- this is personal opinion. I prefer a little contrast to the grout. I think part of it's my own egomania, because it tends to show up the workmanship in an installation, but for whatever reason I like the look. Now, that IS something to consider. You'll see it if the cuts in the corners look like they were chewed off, or fi the tiles aren't exactly aligned. But so long as you're comfortable that the original installer did a good job, I don't see a problem with it.... so long as YOU like the look.

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Thanks for your opinion. The tile is well laid and there is a small tile ledge the length of the tub in a dimond pattern. The wall tile is standard squares.

Do people think constrasting grout is more modern looking?

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I think that contrasting grout is a current trend, but that doesn't mean that it's necessarily modern looking. Whether it is modern looking or not depends on a lot of other things. In fact, I would say that most truly modern looking bathrooms try to minimize busy-ness and go for clean lines and would tend to NOT want contrasting grout.

Contrasting grout with white tile is also a classic look too, especially with subway tile, but also with 4x4 tile that you find in a lot of vintage baths as well. Grey is the "classic" probably because there wasn't any choice in a cement product back in the day.

That said, you need to ask yourself whether you want to call attention to the lines between the tiles or you just want something with less pattern. I have both in my house now - in the kitchen I went with white grout and it's a very subtle look. I love it for in there but wanted something different for the bathroom. I was VERY nervous about contrasting grout but it turns out that I really love that look too.

Here's a look at them side by side - both subway tiles. In my bathroom, contrasting grout (this wall is nowhere near finished, tiler just got up what he could quickly so my toilet could be installed):

and here is my backsplash with white grout:

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I think it really depends on what you want to emphasize.

Do you want to emphasize the grid or pattern? Then choose a contrasting grout. Or do you want to emphasize the tile itself? Then match the tile to the grout.

I like a really serene monochromatic bathroom without the visual disruption of a contrasting grout. I find seeing the tile all together is very calming when all in the same color family. Its definitely a personal opinion though. It can look beautiful either way.

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