Compatibility of range top and pressure canner

coffeehausFebruary 28, 2008

I've read a few threads about various (electric) range tops and inability to use pressure canners or cast iron pans. Since I am in the process of building a new house and will have to choose a range top, I would be very interested in others' experiences using their canners. I MUST have my canner for our tomatoes each summer. Any negatives with regard to ceramic tops or induction? I'm looking for an alternative to coils, and sad to say, gas is not an option. Thanks!

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I don't have personal experience, but it would seem logical that a large canner over hanging the burner might stain the stove surface, especially on a glass top stove. Is that what you're talking about? If that is the issue, I wonder if there's a stove that provides an optional extra large burner?
It's too bad that gas isn't an option. I love cookin with gas!

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I'm not a canner, so I can't exactly answer your question. But there are cheap options for standalone burners (butane, etc) that should take care of your canning needs unless you do it for days or weeks on end.

Regarding cast iron, I use it on my ceramic with no problems, and from anything I've ever heard it's great with induction. The one thing I'm curious about, with induction, is if some of my Griswolds with with "heat ring" (or "smoke ring") would work, being as the main part of the base would be raised off the ceramic a fraction of an inch.

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Here is my experience.

For a number of years, I used my large pressure canner on my glass smoothtop. It is a large canner, and it hangs over the edges of the burner.

It was an 11 inch burner.

This is what I did:

Fill the canner with cold water half way. Set it in place. Do NOT slide the canner on the glass - as the aluminum canner might have scratched the glass.

Add additional water to the desired level.

Cover the canner, switch the burner on.

When it was boiling, or whatever, use the canner.

Turn the heat off.

Let it cool.

EIther dip some water out or left the canner up (WITHOUT sliding it) and empty the water.

I don't know if this will damage the glass if your pot hangs over the burner. I never had an issue with this.

Your mileage may vary.


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I believe the concern with most if not all glass top units is that they can crack from overheating, because the high heat goes on for an extended period.

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fenworth...I am guessing your cookware would not work well on an induction cooktop. The cooktop will ONLY heat where it senses the pot, the magnetic field. (is field the right term)

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Cpovey...yes, that's my understanding of the problem with glass top and canning...that the top can crack. With my current old coil range, I need HIGH heat for probably 20-30 min. just to get the canner up to pressure. Then you have to process for the necessary time, though at this point I am usually able to back off on the heat.
Conate...what sort of processing times are you using? Are you on HIGH heat? Good point about not sliding the canner. That baby is really heavy once I get 7 quarts of tomatoes plus the 2 quarts of water for processing in it. Canning is not for wimps!
Fenworth...perhaps your option is the best, the stand-alone burner. Not only could I use it for canning, but also for beer-brewing; boiling the wert has resulted in the occasional boil-over...all over the range top. This then results in the use of many 4 letter words. If I had a stand-alone burner, I could do this outdoors, and I wouldn't have to worry so much about creating chaos in the kitchen.
Thanks all.

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Although I do occasionally use my induction cooktop for canning, I generally use a propane camping stove. It has a round platform with a lip to prevent the canner from sliding off, sits lower to the ground so it's easier to remove the jars, and has a 60,000 Btu burner so it's quick to bring a lot of water to a boil. Best $50 I ever spent for canning.

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If you have a good outdoor place for this (patio?) consider getting a high powered propane camp-style burner and do your canning on that. This will keep the heat and most of the mess outdoors. This was already mentioned, but I am seconding the suggestion.

Camp Chef makes makes some good ones - built-in stands, lots of power, and not too expensive. The best places to find these are at sporting goods stores and some home stores (Lowes). They also sometimes appear at Costco as seasonal items.

As for pressure canning on an induction stove, most canners won't work. Fagor makes a (very nice) pressure canner that will work on induction, but it is a small 10qt unit that will only hold four jars. I don't think there are any other pressure canners that will work on induction.

As for cast iron, it will work fine on a conventional electric burner and is superb on induction.

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Using a canner on a glass top stove is fine as long as it's a Presto or similar canner, they are light weight. If you have an All American, the 30 qt. canner weights 35#, plus add all the cargo and now you have a canner that weights 45-50#, that will break a glass top stove. That is the biggest concern with glass top stoves - weight!!!!!!

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