Whining after new Power Steering Hose Installed

reekolaMarch 1, 2006

1990 Nissan Maxima had a leak in the power steering hose. Ever since I had a new power steering hose put in by my mechanic, I have heard a continuous whining sound, which changes pitch when turning the steering wheel (even if stopped with engine running). It doesn't seem to affect anything but is annoying. The hose was not from Nissan (which cost about 3 times more) but one from an auto parts store. I think it looked to be a bit smaller diameter hose than the original.

Thanks in advance.

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Check the belt and check to see that all the air has been purged from the system.
When the man does this job, he should check things completely(or the best he can) and make notes on the paperwork and discuss these things with the owner.

Another thing I note, aftermarket parts are so much cheaper.
This should not be, IMO.
Of course high quality must be more expensive, but three times the cost ???

BTW, check the price of a 15 amp outlet and compare that to a 20 amp outlet(they almost look to be identical, but I know they are not).

I'm guessing that the original hose was good for 15 years(excellent) and that the cheap, thinner hose may last but 5 years, which is probably acceptable as well.
Cars do seem to last, a Buick should do as well.

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Check the fluid level in the power steering reservoir. Low fluid level can allow air to be stirred into the pump which can cause a whinning noise.

If the fluid is not low, then the new hose may be radiating or transmitting more noise than the older hose.

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Did you take it back to your mechanic and let him listen to it? If so what did he think the problem was? If the system is low on fluid it could burn the pump. Is the new hose laying up against something that would transmit the sound you are hearing? Those hoses will move when there is pressure applied to them. And if they are touching shields, sheet metal, brake lines etc. They will moan and groan.


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Bumping! When I had a problem with the power steering hose, I never had the chance to fix it or bring it to the dealer.. just replaced it.. it cost me much.. But it would be great to have manuals for that.. I hope it wont happen again..

Here is a link that might be useful: Power Steering Hose

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