Crown moulding, is it fine bathroom's and family room's different

janesylviaFebruary 14, 2013

I am considering to have 4.25" charleston crown moulding in living room and family room. But for small bathrooms, I am thinking of using 3.5" colonial crown moulding. Would it be fine or is it better to choose the same type of moulding everywhere in the house? Charleston does not have size of 3.5".

What kind of crown moulding material do you use, MDF or pine?

Thank you very much.

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Crown in a bathroom (especially a small one) is going a little far.

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Thank you very much, brickeyee.

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You can mix up crown styes and sizes as long as they suit the spaces they are in. Style and scale.

I use a mix. Some MDF. Some wood. And I mix them together in some built-up installations.

All rooms in my house have crown, between 2- and 9-piece. Even the powder room.

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I currently have crown in my master and powder room bathrooms (both small rooms). I love the look and plan to put it back in the master and add it to the hall bath when we renovate (planning phase now). I think it adds elegance to the room.

My contractor did say my crown in the bathroom should be smaller than the one in the befroom. I think your measurements are correct. I am.not sure if I would mix styles though. I don't know whatu charleston crown looks like. Do they complement each other? It may work if then.

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More than the size of the room, I think it depends more on the height of the ceiling, with regards to how big the crown is. I have the same large crown in my powder room as I do in the rest of the house because it has a 9' ceiling. It looks really nice and finishes off the space. Can't say I understand the above comment about crown in a bathroom going too far.

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We have smaller crown in our powder and master bath. I don't know the name of the type, but they are similar in style. It looks great in the powder room and since we have crown everywhere else on the main floor except the laundry, it made sense to me.

I could have lived with or without it in the master since most of the upstairs rooms do not have crown, but my husband really wanted it. He wants to add it to all the bedrooms as we repaint each one.

I think if you want it and the size is in scale to the height of the room, then I'd go for it.

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