Towel warmer-- Ancona fm Costco or Warmly Yours fm Lowes?

raehelenFebruary 16, 2013

I realize I am probably overthinking every aspect of this BR reno, but it is what it is! Definitely want a towel warmer--- don't need it to heat room, just towel and robe, so would like to save some money and NOT buy the liquid filled electric ones which seem to be very expensive.

Think I have narrowed it down to two choices. Both online. Least expensive is the Ancona from Costco @ $249.99

1 year warranty (though Costco's return policy is pretty good, not sure how they deal with the online stuff)

The other option is the Warmly Yours from Lowes. ca @ $344. (couldn't post a link as I got a stern spam warning!)

2 year warranty (Only Lowes in BC is quite aways away--while I have a Costco in my city) AND comes with a programmable timer. Though I can't tell from online search if it's a 24 hr or a 7 day

Guess I'm hoping some GWebber will have installed an Ancona brand towel warmer. Both are 24" wide and 32"high, similar finish. DH says he can wire a programmable timer to the Ancona. Extra cost for that would be about $30-$40.

Any experience with either Towel warmer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Sorry I can't help with either of your two models... but I did check the warranty on the Runtal Omnipanels we are in the process of installing in both our bath remodels, and they have a five-year warranty. I guess I'd be a little nervous about something getting mounted to the wall like that (the Runtals, at least, are pretty hefty and require four anchor bolts in the wall) with only a one-year warranty. The Runtals are definitely pricier than what you're considering, but because we had installed Runtal heating panels in an earlier remodel and they have been so utterly trouble-free (and perform superbly), we were more comfortable with Runtal as a brand.

Hope someone can weigh in with experience with the models you're considering!

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Thanks CT Lady!

I appreciate your response. Do you mind telling me what size you have, and how and if you use a timer? I work from home and coach at night, so have no regular 8-5 schedule where I can predict what time I'd have a shower, so don't even know how I would set a timer! LOL! Though, maybe once I don't have to lug myself down two flights of stairs, I might start having one every morning!

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We ordered the units without the timer (it's an option with Runtal) but our electrician has convinced us we will want one so he's adding a programmable one -- sorry I don't know the brand or type or whether it will be a 24-hour timer or a 7-day one or what. He also noted that the units will use less electricity than a light bulb so he actually suggested just leaving them on in the colder months (we're in New England) if we wanted to, but we decided the timers made more sense. We got the 24" wide x 34.8" tall hard-wired Omnipanels. I will say that they are HEAVY. The quality is superb, but you pay for it. I think these were about $800 each. I am not planning to EVER remove them once they go up -- the next homeowner can worry about that! :)

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I have had the Ancona towel warmer from Costco for 3 years, and am quite happy with it. It gets quite hot to the touch, in fact it's hot enough to scorch the towels so I wouldn't recommend using white towels with it. I think towel warmers are like everything else: you get what you pay for, but for the price, I think you would be happy with the Ancona. On the other hand, I saw the Warmly Yours Infinity towel warmer on Amazon and thought it might be better because it had more cross bars than the Ancona. That might make it provide more evenly heated towels.

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