60" Capital Connoisseurian?

Jennifer N.February 17, 2014

1. Does anybody know if the Connoisseurian is available in a 4 Open Burner - 12" grille - 24" griddle configuration?

2. Does anybody actually own a Connoisseurian? Opinions and experiences are appreciated.

Thanks in advance! :)

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That config is not available closest would be 6 Burner + 12" grill + 12" griddle

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I think you might be able to get that configuration on a Bluestar, but not positive...

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Jennifer N.

@ctycdm - I didn't see that configuration offered on the BlueStar either.

@trevorlawson - is it a power/BTU thing as I've seen the sealed burner option in the Connoisseurian available in the 4 burner/12" grille/24" griddle online. Is the model # CSB604BGGSSN not accurate?

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The best thing to do is call Capital.

(866) 402-4600

I am pretty sure they will custom make one for you even if it is not in the catalog.

Most dealers would rather sell you something in stock or with regional distributor but once you know Capital will make what you want you can insist.

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Yes as Dee says capital will make this unit, i checked with them today

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Jennifer N.

Thank you Trevor!!!

*off to up-sell my husband on the open burners! ;) *

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I am looking to replace my range and would love to have a dual fuel. Before I had the range I have now a had a range that worked in a way that was similar to this.

from Connoisseurian User Guide

Most recipes call for an oven to be heated to a particular temperature before you start cooking. This heating of the oven is the Pre-Heat mode and uses high intensity heat from the top, bottom, and rear of the oven to quickly and evenly heat the oven. The Convection Fan is also used during Pre-Heat to rapidly distribute the heat throughout the oven.
The same heating is used for Rapid Recovery when the oven temperature is reduced by over 100ð F from the oven setting.

The problem I had was that the oven would drift down in temperature if you were opening the door to make cookies or appetizers or if you put something very cold in the oven. The oven would come on and off enough to keep the temperature from being 100 degrees off but could not recover. The temp would be almost 100 degrees off. Most ovens keep the preheat on if the temp is 25 degrees below set temp. I was told with my previous oven that the idea with the element was to keep the temperature in a very narrow range but in reality it did not. I am curious if you can over ride this by turning the oven off and on or if the temp is low do you have to remove your food and leave the door open to bring the temperature down by 100 degrees to trigger the preheat.

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