shallow depth dishwasher?

nap101February 15, 2013

I have a small galley kitchen. My current counters are only 22.5 inches deep. I am redoing my kitchen but have few options for increasing the depth of the counters. All have their pros and cons because of other issues with the space. I will increase it some, but the dishwasher is the limiting factor in figuring out what I can do.

Most dishwashers, even the bosch, say you need 24 inches depth. Do you really need 24 or can you get away with 23? Are there some brands that are more forgiving? And are they still good dishwashers?

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Just last night I was reading the book Bungalow Kitchens, and the author addressed this question because she says this is a common problem for people with older cabinets. Her suggestion was to look at European brands.

I just opened up the book, and here are the other suggestions:

Let the dishwasher stick out and build a wooden frame around it that protrudes. If you are also replacing countertops, this is a good solution because all can be integrated.

Recess it into the wall if that is possible.

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I don't want it to protrude. I might talk to my contractor and see if I can buy an extra inch or recess it into the wall.

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Bosch 22 9/16", Asko 22 7/8", Fisher paykel 22 1/2"

Bosch 500 Series SHV55R53UC 21 5/8". Smeg - 21 11/16".

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I used to have shallow counters before remodel. Miele DW was fine with the shallow counter. Now I have regular cabinets after remodel. I recall there being quite a bit of space behind the DW after install in the remodeled space. Also Miele was the only one that was short enough to fit under my older crazy counters. Bosch would not. That was how I got the Miele DW and found out how awesome it was. Recommend Miele despite all their snobby CS issues.

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