0w-20 oil

joe_mnMarch 5, 2011

new car uses it. finally found some at walmart in 5qt jugs. heard it was out there but have never seen it. only $23. was buying qt bottle before at $6.35 each. so i save a little. wish i could use 5w-20 since its easy to find. gotta use what the factory says since we have a warranty. i see they have bio-degradable syn oil now. in black bottles. never seen that before.

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0-20 is very common. So is 0-0. Called arctic oil. You can find that stuff in every heavy duty dealer that deals in
Caterpillars or any other heavy equipment. Probably a lot cheaper. Been around for many a year.

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called local cat dealer. do not stock it. called oil supply/fuel supply outfit. do not stock it. here i am in cold mn and no one has it. i also would be surprised if cat branded oil would be cheaper than walmart syn stuff. WM does not have 0-20 syn house brand. only mobil 1.

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