Dacor vs. Electrolux gas range

grg125February 27, 2012

We are in the process of a kitchen remodel and are trying to decide between a Dacor Renaissance or Electrolux Icon 36" gas range. Has anyone had any experience with either - good, bad or otherwise? This will be our first gas range and I cannot seem to find very many reviews on either. Thanks in advance!

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Hi grg125,

I was in your same position several months ago - new to gas ranges, interested in the Elux ICON 36" AG (vs the Wolf AG) and unable to find more than 3 or 4 reviews on the range (really surprised me.) I chose the ICON and with the $2K in savings, purchased the Miele speed oven (wow, what a great machine.)

So far, my ICON has performed flawlessly - the cooktop is a pleasure to use, not difficult to clean, and I like the variety of BTU burner choices. The oven takes time to heat up, but I have found little, if any, difference in baking performance vs electric. The glide out racks are also a nice feature.

The only "surprise" for me was that the oven puts out some serious heat at 400+ temperatures (hot air comes out of the vent) which my electric built-ins didn't do. Not sure if this is endemic to gas ranges in general (my mother's gas range does the same thing) or only to certain manufacturers, but the Miele will definitely get the most use during summer months.

I'm not a great chef, just your average homemaker who wanted an attractive and dependable range for the best value possible. Didn't need a Lexus, an Avalon suits me just fine. I will say, however, that I purchased an extended warranty because of the lack of reviews. I also bought my range (and CD refrigerator) from an independent dealer with an outstanding reputation for service - not sure I would have felt as comfortable buying online or from a big box store. But so far, I'm very happy with my ICON 36" AG and would make the same purchase again.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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A Toyota Avalon is a fine car.

But if you can get a Lexus LS460 or Mercedes S63 for the same amount of money or within a few hundred bucks it would be silly not to.

In other words if you are considering spending ~$5.2K on a 36" Electrolux or Dacor you should be looking at Capital Culinarian or Bluestar RNB.

But if I had to pick between Electrolux and Dacor I would go with Electrolux.Seems to have less oven problems and better long term durability than the Dacor.

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Hi tag singer,

I am leaning towards the icon and I really appreciate your feedback! I have seen some strange reviews on uneven grates with the electrolux. Have you had any issues with that or are you able to slide from burner to burner without issue if you need to? Also, have you used the griddle? It seemed awkward in the showroom because it has to 'clip' onto the grate (probably more stable that way though). I guess one of my concerns is that the edges of the grates on the elec. aren't connected or framed all the way around like the Dacor. It seems like a 'framed' grate may be more stable but I could be wrong. I also like the easy to clean finish under the burners as well as opposed to the stainless finish on the Dacor or the Capital - it looks like they would be a bear to keep clean.

Thanks again for your feedback! Very much appreciated! :)

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