Recommend electric baseboard heater?

still_lynnskiFebruary 1, 2012

Can anyone suggest a quality baseboard heater we could install along one wall of the bathroom? It would only be used occasionally on cold winter mornings or nights. We have a baseboard heating unit in the bathroom that's connected to our furnace, but we heat our home primarily with wood, not the furnace, and would like to be able to pump up the heat specifically in the bathroom sometimes. I tried looking at electric baseboard heaters, but what I found looked like temporary units, and I'm looking for something that can be hardwired. Ability to wire it to a timer/switch would be great.

Don't know if this matters, but we would install this on a different wall than where the current baseboard heater is located. We're looking to supplement--not replace--what we already have. The vanity is too far from the shower and throne for an under-vanity heater to be of much use, but there's an empty section of wall opposite the shower and next to the toilet where a baseboard unit would work quite nicely.

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