Converting hb1 headlights to sealed beam ?

bob7255khzMarch 16, 2007

Hello gang.....I need some quick info here.

I have a 94 Nissan Pathfinder that uses the HB1 type bulb that fits into the glass type housing headlight. To my liking , well this set up is terrible....I just can't get them to throw out enough light in comparison to a sealed beam headlight matter how I adjust them not enough light from it's high beam or low beam.....don't like them.

My question to you.....can I switch over to sealed beams

type 2B1 headlights if I change the wiring at the light sockets.....cutting off the old ones.....and getting the sockets that would work on the sealed beam type ???

I know I will have to make my own brackets etc to hold the sealed beam 2B1 headlights.....but I'm sure it will be worth the time and effort to have good headlights on this Nissan.

Is there a retro fit out there that some aftermarket mfg would make.....or am I on my own on this venture.

Any info or insight. BOB

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Suggest that you look for corrosion on the connector nearest your headlight, and/or any connector in the same circuit that is exposed to dirt/water/spray. This type of corrosion will result in a voltage drop across the connector, perhaps 3 or 4 volts. In this case, your headlight doesn't see 12 volts, it sees 12-4 = 8 volts, and it will be noticeably dim. When you find the bad connector, you can shine up the metal parts with steel wool, and then coat them with electrical grease to prevent the entry of water. If the connector is located where repeated exposure to road spray is likely, you can wrap it with electrical tape, as well. All of the above can be completed in two hours, for less than 20 dollars.

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And if the problem is not the connection but the light strength or pattern, there are some options as well. I don't know what bulb you have in there now, but there are some better aftermarket bulbs out there, like Sylvania's Xtra-Vision bulb (a bright non-blue bulb) or some of the models that Osram (Sylvania's parent company) sells in Europe. There also are aftermarket headlamp and driving light assemblies you could add -- though some of them border on the gimmicky, like angel-eyes lamps and those dumb blue-tinted bulbs. That option will run more than $20, but if you can't see, it's worth spending a little money to fix that.

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