Wolf wall oven problem

ay1128February 6, 2012

Over the last few days my electric wall oven has started to randomly "ding" as though a button was pressed. It began with 1 or 2 a day and now it's up to a few times an hour. Any ideas about the problem and solutions?


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Check in with Wolf...They're usually quick with answers. I've had good experience getting questions answered via phone, the message tool on their website, and on their Facebook page. The Facebook page is under "Sub-Zero and Wolf Company."

I hope you get a resolution soon!

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We thought we could offer some assistance. I'm sorry to hear that you are having that problem with your Wolf oven. Symptoms like that are typically a result of a power surge. Occasionally, if you turn your unit off at the circuit breaker for a couple of minutes, this can resolve electrical issues like you have experienced. Our units have control boards, and cutting the power to the boards will reset them.

After trying this, if your unit is still having problems I would recommend that you contact a Factory Certified Service company. They will be able to correctly diagnose and repair the unit. You will find those nearest you by following the link to our Locator. Enter your zip/postal code, select 'Service & Repair' for a list of companies in your area.


Warranty information can be found on the last page of your Use and Care Manual, or follow this link for terms of your Wolf warranty:


If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this or any other issue, please contact us directly. You can contact us via phone Mon-Fri. 8:00-5:00 CST at 800-222-7820. We can also be reached via email at CustomerService@SubZero.com.

Thank you,

Customer Care Team
Sub-Zero/Wolf Appliances

Here is a link that might be useful: Service Locator

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The above illustrates why I was willing to pay barely affordable amounts for the Sub-Zero/Wolf products I used in my kitchen reno.


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Yep but there are others Elux,
Capital (alto sometimes "hit & miss" LoL) some others, I can't recall right now, and of course the ever present Trevor.


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dodge - are you trying to say that Elux or Capital has people that monitor this forum, and actually do anything ???

I haven't seen Trevor around much lately either, though he's not a manuf.

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Chris Polk, I believe for Electrolux, and I'm sure you know about Surjit. Seems like Dacor had a rep, maybe a salesman or distributor that posted in here too.

Usually, and I have many times, suggested to folks with similar problems that the Wolf oven displayed, to disconnect the power for a couple of mins and then reconnect the power (turn off the circuit breaker for the appliance), and in several cases this has worked.

Wolf "Beat Me to the Punch" on that one, or maybe "Secretely" I was hoping they would trade it in for an Elux???? and hence my "Laggard Response"


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In this vein, I can report that my Kenmore Elite induction cooktop, made by Elux as a near exact clone of their Icon, once went into spasm of flashing "F's" on all hob controls. Rebooting via the circuit breaker fixed it and it hasn't done that since.

Also, dodge59, you may be forgetting that there was a period on this forum (2007, I think) in which Elux side-by-side refrigerators were being castigated for causing food to spoil due to poor temperature control, and the refrigerator owners were getting a run-around.


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Nope, I didn't Kas, I was just funnin around with Antss, with the remark about trading it for an Elux.

I like to keep antss on his toes, all 40 to 60 0f them or whatever!

But if you check some of my recent posts, Kas, where an OP was asking about an Elux fridge, I did mention the problem they had a couple years back, and told the op that alto we have seen some positive post on GW about Elux fridges now, I still recommended they google Elux Fridge reviews, or google the particular model # + reviews just to keep current. So----nope, I haven't forgotten.


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Sorry that I failed to plumb the depths of your sense of humor.

Best wishes


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Interesting, that we see only the 1st post from the OP, Do we know for sure if turning the power on/off resloved the problem.

That feedback could possilby help the mext person who "Might" encouter such a problem.

I guess we "Assume", "No news is good news"?


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Thanks everyone for the info.
dodge- I had a busy weekend and couldn't get online.
I followed rhome's suggestion and emailed wolf and they sent me the same thing they posted here. Shutting the power didn't help, but the appliance store sent a technician next day who fixed it (without my getting a clear why).
all in all, we're really impressed by the response from both Wolf and the dealer.
Thanks again.

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Thanks for getting back, ay1128. Glad all is well now!


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I am getting a Wolf oven.
I also love my elux fridge!
I adore my Miele dishwasher
And getting a GE speed oven also.
Best of all worlds- sometimes mix and match is best.
Hopefully - not all of the appliances will go out at the same time!
I figure I can become the resident appliance expert and I don't even work for any of the companies.
Just having fun and glad the Wolf oven is back in business.

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