selling a car-bill of sale issue/PA

elvis1adamMarch 20, 2008


Recently I came to an agreement with a buyer for my car. We agreed on a price and he gave me a hundred-dollar deposit. I filled out a bill of sale with the price and deposit listed, and we both initialed it. He was supposed to contact me within a couple days to set up a time to meet at AAA for the title transfer, but he hasn't, and I can't get ahold of him. What are my legal obligations, in Pennsylvania, concerning how long I need to give him to contact me? I made no such stipulation in the bill of sale, but I'm thinking he bolted, and I want to contact other potential buyers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Matthew Adams

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Do you have his mailing address? If so, send him a certified letter (return receipt) that unless he proceeds with the sale by such and such a date, you will consider the deal null and void and keep his deposit. Then go to the DMV (not AAA) and get a replacement title. Take a copy of the letter you sent the buyer as proof he backed out of the deal. You get a replacement title and proceed with selling the vehicle. You can claim the deposit as costs to replace the title if he wants the money back. Or keep track of the costs associated with replacing the title and send him the balance.

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Call a lawyer. I think they're supposed to answer a question like this for free.

If it were me, I'd give him a week then sell the thing to someone else. If he comes back after it's sold, return his $100.

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I would follow old-vt-crafter advice. As it would be enough of a prove. After that you can post it at to find the next buyer, as its free to post so nothing to lose :).

Here is a link that might be useful: Free auto ads

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