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sylviasMarch 27, 2007

What about cars in Canada? My mom bought Toyota Certified 2002 Toyota Camry Le from Dixie Toyota Dealership in Toronto. The car still have the original manufacture warranty remaining, but Toyota refuses to honour it and replace the engine. The car has extensive oil consumption problem, desludging procedure was done but did not help. The dealership claims that if the engine consumes less than 1litr of oil per 1,500 it is still witin the Toyota limits? Do we have any recourse against Toyota Canada based on what is happening in the U.S. with Toyota USA?

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At a litre per 1500km the car does NOT have an excessive oil consumption problem. Toyota is correct, that is acceptable and won't hurt a thing. All engines use oil, otherwise the valve stems, and piston rings would not get lubrication and would fail. Now when it gets to be a liter in 600km, you'll be approaching the point where it could be a problem but only from the standpoint that a negligent owner might not check the oil and let it run low which could cause damage.

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