Malfunction Indicator lamp - Honda Odyssey

jim_w_nyMarch 29, 2009

This light has been on for quite awhile. When I ask the car repair place how much it might cost the reply is they have to have a look first. Could be expensive so I haven't done it.

Any way for me to fix it? Or check things?

The manual warns of possible damage to the engine! That of course is worrisome.

Ideas? Or othe internet places to put this questioon?

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There is no way of knowing what the problem is until you find out what the code or codes are. You are going to have to get someone with a scanner and retrive the codes and go from there. If you are near a AutoZone they might be able to pull the codes. If not you will have to find someone who can. After you find out what the codes are then you can post them. And at that time someone might be able to help you.

HTH and Good Luck

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Checked out Malfunction (MIL) light on Google. Interesting, especially the part about the computer that regulates the operation of the engine. So if that is the problem then this is serious as the manual stated. Neglecting could cause engine damage. And then they mention it could also be costly to fix it.

So AutoZone is a good tip. However it seems there aren't any around here (near Albany, NY) but Google also mentions that NAPA dealers do the same service. And since they aren't in the repair business they are not apt to talk you into an expensive job.

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Jim the MIL can be as simple as a loose gas cap or vac. hose loose. Or it could mean that the transmission needs replaced. My son just went through that the last time he got a MIL on his Odyssey.

Good Luck

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Check your owner's manual (or repair manual) to see if there is a procedure for displaying your truoble codes. (It may be a sequence of ignition key rotations and or holding in the trip reset button.)

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Some warnings that the handbook scaremonger you with are just printed to make the main dealer richer. Something like a Haynes manual will give you unbiased advice. Or to be 100% certain you can look on ebay for the software and lead to connect your car directly to your PC and find out exactly what is wrong without the extortion your local main dealer will insist on. My brother did that for his VW Sharan and for less than the cost of 1 hour labour at the local VW shop he had the lead and all necessary software to diagnose and reset the error codes. The auto manufacturers don't like this so many of these sales will be 'under the counter' but I think that the high labour charges that the main dealers levy have lead to this. So join with me and all say together:- "Balls to 'em"

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