Miele cutout dimensions??

katy-louFebruary 27, 2013

We starting to build the cabinets and need to decide how much room to leave for the DW. We have purchased the Miele dimension plus. It specifies a cutout of 23 5/8" with the appliance being 23 9/16".

Do we go small as specified or 24" do something else could be installed at some future time? FWIW, the Bosch is also 23 9/16" but specifies a 24" cutout.

What did you folks with miele DW do?

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23 5/8"

- especially if you are putting a cabinet front on it.

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23 5/8"

They pay their German engineers boatloads of $$ to determine the measurements for us.

Trust them.


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katy-lou, I'm getting closer to ordering cabinets and also will be installing a Miele. I hope you don't mind a followup question to xedos and doc or all on this specific topic.

As our Miele probably will be placed against a wall, minimal filler (for counter support) will be needed to its left. I have read you need to ensure good insulation of the area abutting the filler piece or some kind of purchased sound deadening material.

The purpose of the 23 5/8" cutout width is snug fit to limit sound and open space. Here are my calculations from cut out dimensions: 23 10/16" width-23 9/16" actual= 1/16" space.

A 24" opening width leaves an additional 7/16" of space (23 16/16" opening-23 9/16" actual). Breaking that 7/16" into two for sides yields 3.5/16" or close to a 1/4" space on either side. How noticeable is this to most? It does seem like a lot when inches or mm are viewed. Ours is with the stainless front as currently planned.

I ask this not doubting those Miele engineers, but for those of us trying to work the design details that accompany the change from 24" to 23 5/8" space for our dishwasher.

Thanks for asking this question katy-lou. You really honed in on an important point.

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Our cabinet maker has suggested placing the cabinets on either side at 24", but having the face frame overlap to provide a 23 6/8" opening - slightly more space than the 1/32" clearance on each side recommended by Miele and something that could be trimmed back at a later time if a true 24"
Unit was installed in the future instead of the miele. This seems reasonable to me - others thoughts? I also wondered about using some of that thin blue foam insulation along the sides of the dishwasher to further dampen sound.

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A 24" opening makes it possible to use a different brand at some future time.

Go for a full paneled front, because the panel can be made wide enough to fit a 24" opening (it does not have to be the same width as the DW).

Any trim carpenter or cabinet maker can provide thin strips to fill the gaps at the sides. Alternatively, Miele sells a kit of two strips especially for that purpose.

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Make the opening 23 5/8" like the manuf. specifies and people that know what they are talking about recommend.

"but having the face frame overlap to provide a 23 6/8" opening - slightly more space than the 1/32" clearance on each side recommended by Miele and something that could be trimmed back at a later time if a true 24" "

katy-lou - this is a HORRIBLE idea. The frame will not be deep enough to fit the attachment screws and they are not just reg. screws that you can source longer ones instead. That blue foam - you'll see it the second you open the DW door and it'll look like crap, or worse.

Look folks, there are plenty of DW's to choose from that fit a 60cm or 23 5/8" opening. Besides the mieles, all the Bosch units will install at that width after removing the 4 screws that hold on the rubber/plastic expansion strips that make them 24" for the U.S. market. Askos are also that width. Thermador units as well as Gaggenau are too. Plus some others by Euro firms you've never heard of like Fagor, SMEG, Blomberg, Scholtes, Kuppersbusch, and AEG if you live in Canada.

There is also Fisher Paykel if you want a drawer style and the older Viking units made by Asko.

That somewhere in the order of 75- 100 different models to choose from in lots of price ranges, so you're not going to get stuck with no alternative to Miele if you decide you don't like it down the road.

FYI - don't buy the miele "strips" they are overpriced plastic that look silly.

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Here's a GW thread from last year that provides great installation tips. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link: Miele installation consideratons

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I had a Miele with the cutout at the prescribed width of 23 5/8.

I replaced it with FP dish drawers. It fits like a glove.

So, you do have other future options although I am sure you will love your Miele.

I would do the 23 5/8".

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