Highest Death Rate Vehicle : Irresponsible Journalism

earthwormMarch 17, 2005


On this Detroit News I read this and determine that however it may be true; there are factors that influence the figures.

I for one, don't not expect that any SUV will give me more safety and security that an equivalent sedan; nor is this overstated safety business a prime reason for me owning any make of vehicle...

Specifically, the way in which a vehicle is driven is a major determinant and that this should be in the headline.

Responsible journalism will see to it that things are done in this manner.

Such in not the case now. The headlines call out one specific vehicle - and this is done for sensationalistic reasons..

This is not right !

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I read the article. I agree, the article misses some BASIC points:

1- cars with lower center of gravity tend to flip over less.
2- driver's qualifications and habits
3- momentum = speed x mass
the higher the momemtum of a car hitting another car the car with the smaller momemtum will absorb the momemtum of the higher one to equalize it.
Thus a a heavier car can do severe damage to a smaller car even if it is moving much slower (due to its mass).
4- the newer cars may already have side airbags as well
5- did they wear their seatbelts during the accident?
6- did they have ABS
7 - were they going straight or in a curve?
8 - is there a crumple zone to protect the occupants?
9 -ETC...

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Don't forget also that these could be Atype personalties prone to fast driving and road rage, maybe they are attracted to the BLAZER name plate and buy these vehicles heck it could be a reflection of their personality's BLAZER hmm now not sure about the Mirage thing maybe that is a stealth car for A types as it does have rage in the name if you remove the Mi! Most likely the story is based upon flawed data as stated above LOL I will start looking for the BLAZER's on the road and see if I can determine if the drivers are overly aggresive I will report back in ten years at this very site, unless one of course one of the BLAZER's or Mi rages drivers decides to run over me and take me with them, then the Chevy c1500's will have a demerit added to their safety record. hmm

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I agree with DNT1..

Certains car attract certain types of drivers.. A Mirage is a young inexperience driver. A Blazer is young driver or first SUV. Whereas, a Ford TownCar is an elderly person or a minivan is a family so they will get safer reviews.

Hummer H2 is not driven for speed so the chances of it causing death to the driver is probably pretty low.

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Also, the 2-door, 2-wheel drive Blazer is a pretty low production, uncommon model. By a huge margin, most Blazers are 4-wheel drive, and 4-doors. The 2-wheel drive, 2-door model is almost exclusively the "Extreme" model, which is factory "lowered" and marketed to young drivers.

So they've found that an uncommon vehicle that's marketed almost exclusively to performance-oriented young drivers has a high death rate. Surprise, surprise.

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I, too, agree with DNT1. Where I live, the drivers who won't slow for someone walking up a rather narrow road are the female SUV drivers - they seem to feel that the world needs to get out of their way.

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Yes, the basic point that it's the drivers and not the vehicle is correct. But keep in mind that this article doesn't even refer to Blazers in general. It refers to one specific model of the Blazer -- the 2-door, 2-wheel drive version, which is not common compared to the 4-door, 4-wheel drive version. And in recent years (the years to which this survey pertains) the majority of the 2-wheel-drive, 2-door Blazers have been sold with a performance-oriented "Extreme" package which is aimed at young, performance-oriented drivers.

The other models of the Blazer have been marketed more to families and older, more mature drivers, which is why Blazers in general do not do bad at all on these types of safety surveys.

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So what's the hubbub all about? As death rates in auto's goes, something has to be 1st, or last, however you want to phrase it. I'd bet the difference in odds in getting killed between the safest and the least safe vehicles are the same as buying one lottery ticket or a few more. Purchase two, three, or ten, you have better odds of winning, but not that much better. The problem is with the title which may be accurate, but imo can the wrong impression. So you have a blazer. Your odds of getting killed in it are 1 million to 308. What are your odds of not making it to the next morning from any cause on any given day? Somewhere around 100k to 1? Using stats that way, you'd better keep your butt inside that blazer forever if you have one because the odds of death increases if you climb out.

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Excellent responses.
I knew not that there was a "sport" Blazer for the children..
Should GM do this ???
I say the responsibility should be with the parents - to bring up their little ones to be careful drivers and NOT be influenced by all the crap on TV..

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I recall that several years ago the 2WD, 2-door Ford Explorer had a high rate of fatalities, too, and I suspect that the typical buyer for that one was a little younger than average (it was the cheapest Explorer you could get).

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RE: Highest Death Rate Vehicle : Irresponsible Journalism
Posted by: earthworm (My Page) on Fri, Mar 18, 05 at 10:19

Excellent responses.
I knew not that there was a "sport" Blazer for the children..
Should GM do this ???
I say the responsibility should be with the parents - to bring up their little ones to be careful drivers and NOT be influenced by all the crap on TV..


Or be influenced by some of the "CRAP" that they READ here. Whenever there is anything regarding an SUV, the worm comes slithering out of his hole to bash it.

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Wait! Am I interpreting this right?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives data for death rate by vehicle weight/type/model for 2-car crashes. In other words, these are vehicles which are ALREADY IN A CRASH. So, all your safe drivers, road rage types, etc. are lumped together in this group, and the research still supports the fact that heavier vehicles and/or those w/lower centers of gravity result in lower death rates SHOULD AN ACCIDENT OCCUR.

I guess one could argue that the crashes with the better drivers were less severe. Still, the numbers are pretty convincing, aren't they?

Here is a link that might be useful: insurance institute of highway safety

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Around here 2wd / 2 door blazer is a popular jr exec construction trade vehicle. Sales, supervisors, etc high energy types that do more PR than pencil pushing and you often find them perspiring for different reasons other than construction.
Good vehicle for visiting jobsites and golf courses and double duty for boat towing as well as can carry some fast materials here and there for gotta have it emergencies.

Two coffee's, ham, eggs and a none of your free pancakes, quickly, please. Have a meeting at the boat ramp to exchange some prints. I guess gimme a cold case of bud for the boat incase it breaks, wouldnt want to dehydrate in this heat - gonna beat up on our kidneys for a bit with three new motors to break in before lunch.

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Just demonstrates that the most important safety feature of any vehicle is found between the seat and the steering wheel.

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