Snowflakes and Pewter

phonegirlJanuary 30, 2013

It's snowing here and the perfect time to share my winter wonderland in the DR. I haven't been decorating as much lately and sure enjoyed putting this together. This is the first time I've shared my pewter dinnerware. What does one normally use with pewter? I used my blue Avon salad plates and Home dinner plates with snowmen on them. You will be able to see these plates when I share my china cabinet decor. The silver pinecone and candles were purchased after Christmas for .25 each. I had the silver hummer and added it. Turned on blue submersible lights in a couple of candle cups beside the cp. Have to look close but pretty neat in RL. For the cp I used my Open Lace Depression Glass cake pedestal with faux snow, a cherub and a couple little birds with a silver pinecone. Stems have birds on them and I filled them w/faux snow and a smore candle. The small blue glasses have wht dots which kinda look like snow. Used my silver beaded place mats, snowflake napkin rings and wht napkins w/silver threads going through them.

DM made the snowman wall hanging years ago with yarn.

Stay warm and safe DF's.

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Oh my gosh, Punk. This table is delightful! It made me smile.
It is such a pretty sight on this wet and dreary day.
The blue, white and silver combo are perfect for this time of year.
I love the Humming birds and that cute little cherub.
and her little blue bird friends.
Your Mom's snowman wall hanging is so cheerful and whimsical.
I'm sure I missed something [I usually do lol].
Looking forward to seeing your China cabinet.

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Wow, punk, it's gorgeous. I have always LOVED pewter, but I only own a short pewter tankard. :p If I did use pewter I'd want white tavern-style stoneware plates to use with it... something like these antique ones. lol!

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This is so pretty. You put so much thought into all of your choices and putting it together and it is really apparent in this table. The colors and decorating the chandy, sideboard, and china cabinet just add the "icing" to the cake!! It just feels like an icy winter wonderland!
Kudos to you for a beautiful table and conveying the mood.
Job well done!


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Wow, punk...when you come back, you come back in full swing! Love the Pewter & snowflake t'scape! Blue & silver are such a beautiful combo ...& makes a wonderful Winter theme! Those Avon blue salad plates are a perfect contrast! So pretty w/the hummer & candleholder & addition of the silver pinecones!

Birds, a cherub & candlelight & the glittery placemats ...just charming as all get out! & I bet those lights are pretty in the candle cups! You always 'surprise' me w/something that I wouldn't never think of ...& that's adding those S'more ornaments on snowy wine glasses!!! So cute!

Your buffet is lookin' mighty Wintery back there, too! TFS, punk...hope you are feeling better each day! Snowstorm here last night & windy today...everything is fresh & white again! Jeanne S.

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punk, I meant to comment on that cake platter -- it looks awesome! I'd love to see it up close and unadorned. I'm a sucker for unusual depression glass. My BF bought me a green depression glass sectioned server with a silver base tray and swing handle. It certainly is unusual but I just don't have any use for a sectioned server like that, other than to hold a variety of raw vegetables. :p

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Oh Wow came back with a 'Blast'..
This table is so frosty and sparkly and pretty!
The layering of your placemats, plates and
Humming birds is lovely. I'm a big fan of pewter and
I love how you set it off and added the frosted stems and
blue glassware. Your open Lace Depression Glass Cake Pedestal is
beautiful and with the faux snow and cute cherub makes a perfect CP.
I see you have a 'winter wonderland' going on in the backgroud on your
buffet that looks amazing!
Like Nana, I'm sure I missed something..but what I do see..
is beautiful!

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Nana, it's easy to miss some detail but I think you covered most of it. Thanks, I will try to post more
later. Mom's snowman wall hanging always brings a smile. So you had a dreary day today? My favorite winter days are ones when the sun comes out.

PM, I should of ask what kind of dinnerware to add before I posted this! Did you notice the cups? The white tavern-style stoneware plates would match perfectly. Thanks, now I know what to use for my next ts with the pewter. Your depression dish BF bought for you sounds like a really nice piece. How about a picture?
Here's your close up of the cake plate.

Candy, your so sweet but I think you give me more credit than I deserve when putting my ts together. Most of the time I really just fly by the seat of my pants.

Jeanne, I haven't felt bad. Just so busy with the businesses my decorating has been put on the back burner. I love it that you enjoy the odd things I throw in. I have a couple of smore cups that match the candles but couldn't use them.

Thanks so much everyone for all the sweet comments.
Stay warm and safe.

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Jane, thanks so much for all your sweet comments. I will share more pictures soon. Sure miss seeing all of your beautiful ts and decor. Hope one day you will be able to share more. Right now I'm sure you have most things packed away getting ready for the move. I have so many icy branches that I'm not sure where they are out in a tote some where for sure.Geez!


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Punk, your Winter Wonderland is just stunning! The pewter is perfect with icy blue look you've got going. I love it all. Wish I could comment on each and every piece but thankfully the others have said so well what I'm thinking too. You did a really beautiful job!

hugs, Karen

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Punk, that cake pedestal is fantastic!!! It reminds me somewhat of a FANTASTIC "cookie plate" that my BF bought me years ago! I LOVE this plate and I only use it for my xmas cookies. :p Let me see if I can find a pic.... wow, that took awhile, but here it is!

I will see if I can get a decent pic of the green sectioned server sometime soon. I use a white doily underliner (between the glass and the silver base) because I think it looks much nicer. :)

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That centerpc is gorgeous, punk! Thanks for showing the closeup pic of the cake stand! party ...your cookie plate is beautiful! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Great shot of that cake stand Punk..beautiful detail to it.
It's almost a shame to cover it up with something on it! the details of your plate too..and those cookies
look amazing..

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Gorgeous cake plate and very pretty tablescape. I like the idea of a winter wonderland with pewter and blue and sparkle.

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Karen, so glad you are back to posting more. You are so Missed when we don't hear from you, GF.

PM, beautiful cookie plate and cookies. What kind of glass is that called? Will be looking forward to seeing your green sectioned server.

Jeanne, thanks, knew you would enjoy old glassware.

Jane, you also have so many beautiful dishes was fun sharing with you.

Fun2BeHere, so glad your here sharin' the fun with us!

Thanks ladies. I will try to go take pics and share before starting the Valentine decor.


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