help me with my new bathroom!!

beespurpleFebruary 5, 2014

Hi! I need advice as to where to put the mirror and lighting in this bath. i really want to put in a vanity/sink cabinet next to the toilet... but what about a mirror? or the lighting? any ideas?? (the green line in the drawing denotes the location of the window....) thanks

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Corner sink and mirrors?

Here are some examples.

Here is a link that might be useful: Corner mirrors

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Corner mirrored medicin cabinets

Here is a link that might be useful: Corner medicine cabinets

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Can you be more specific about where the toilet and sink are? You say you want the sink/vanity next to the toilet, but that is not reflected in the sketch. Do you mean both along the 5 ft. wall? And is it 5 ft. to the beginning of the shower or to the back wall?

Any chance you can upload photos of the room?

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hi tibbrix! thanks for your response! the sink/vanity cabinet and toilet would both be along the 5 foot wall, under the window. the room is 5ft square, not including the shower(which is about 3ftx3.5ft). this photo is of the original room - we removed everything... and i was going to replace the toilet in the same location - and put a cabinet/sink next to it.....

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Thanks. Pic is helpful.

Small space, so you want to make the most of it, presumably.

Personally, I love those corner sinks. Take a look at the links above with the corner sinks and mirrors. Unique, and would give a small bath some character.

What is your style?

For lighting, how about two sconces on the wall across from where the sink is now? I love sconces in bathrooms.

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Cute. Check this out. Corner sinks are great in small bathrooms because they use space that otherwise wouldn't be used, leaving more space out in the room.

Here is a link that might be useful: corner sink with storage, next to window

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i also like the corner sink idea - but the corner cabinets and mirrors cost almost double the price of a regular one :( that's why im trying to make it work this way....
as far as the lighting - do you think two sconces is enough to light the whole room? Are you refering to the side wall by the toilet?

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I would make your vanity kitchen height and depth to utilize as many extra inches as I could. You don't have room for side sconces, so this is one case where over the mirror lights are best. Are you planning on having a mirrored medicine cabinet, or just mirror? (with deeper counters, you can accommodate a surface mount cabinet, as you probably don't want to go inside your studs on an outside wall).

I would add another ceiling light in middle of room, perhaps a combined fan/light, and would definitely put a ceiling light in your shower.

I would also use a pocket door.

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Two sconces will be plenty. you've got a window in there also, for natural light during the day. Just put lightbulbs equivalent to 40 - 60 watts in each sconce.

Have you removed all the plumbing? Can the sink's plumbing be easily moved to next to the toilet?

If you can make the plumbing work, what might actually make more sense would be to move the toilet to the other side of the same wall, then put the vanity against the opposite wall from where it is now. Or does it interfere with the shower door there? If not, you can then put a mirror up on that wall, with the sconces on each side of the mirror.

Another option for a mirror, if you put the sink next to the toilet as you plan, since you don't have wall space there because of the windows, would be to hang a mirror from the ceiling using chains.

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Yes, meant to also say that you should put a light in the shower, preferably an exhaust fan/light to exhaust steam.

Can you put a pic up of the wall that runs between the shower and the toilet, where I suggest sconces go? Curous about that space and how much room there is between the shower and toilet. Where will shower door reach when it is open, i.e.: along that wall?

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Btw, if you do like the idea of sconces, they do not do well alone on a wall. They do need something between them, and under them preferably. You might be able to get one on each side of the window. An electrician could tell you if they could be wired there. If so, they'd be very nice there, with the window in the center, a nice shade, curtain, plantation shuttersâ¦.

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raehelen - do you recomend putting lights above the window? would that work? there's space for a recessed cabinet on the left side wall - next to the door - i could do mirror or not....

tibbrix - we're putting in a recessed light in the shower. I wasn't planning an overhead light -didn't think it was needed. But there will be an exhaust fan on the ceiling too - above the toilet area.
i love the hanging mirror idea!

right now there's no shower door - and i might just use a rod/curtain to save space instead of a glass door.

this is the best photo i have - it's a before photo (obviously!) of most of that wall - with the shower door open.

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is the heating grate staying?

the shower curtain is a great idea. That will also give you more space to work with, i.e.: putting a small cabinet against that wall for more storage. Again, personal preference, but I don't like the new glass shower doors. They often leak, and they need constant maintenance or they get water marks and ugly. With a very nice curtain, it can make a bathroom look nice, and the linerâ¦when it gets moldy or dirty, toss it, and for $5, go get another. I have a plain off-white linen curtain from Restoration Hardware Outlet. I love it, and it makes my bathroom look and feel very spa-like (a lot of people have used that very term to describe it), along with the soft, neutral paint color on the walls.

So, without a shower door you open up a lot of options. You could get a neat open shelf cabinet to hang on that wall, sconces on either side of it.

What are you doing with the tile?

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the baseboard heat is being removed - yay!
i'm glad you also like the curtain idea!!!
we're opening up into an adjoining closet to build shelves into the wall between the door and the shower - in the original drawing where it says 26" - there'll be 2 cupboards - 12" deep with shelves from floor to ceiling - so i'm not so worried about additional storage space - not sure if shelves on the wall are neccesary.

As far as tile -I'm not sure yet... i'm open to any ideas! i love bright, light and airy colors - i want the room to look clean and fresh but it has to be easy to maintain! (i'm a busy mom).
What if i have just a small swing-arm mirror above the sink and then a big mirror on the wall between the toilet and shower with sconces on either side? would that look ok?

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On the wall that runs between the shower and toilet, you could put maybe three rows of something like these, glass shelves, two next to each other on each row, with the ones with the towel rungs on the bottom (obviously). Put the scones on either side, inline more with the bottom of the top shelf, and maybe do something really cool behind all of it like frame out a square with a nice wood trim, fill that in with beadboard (or do the whole wall in beadboard) and put the shelving and sconces through the beadboard.

Or, less expensive, paste a textured, paintable wallpaper square on the wall, attach the wood trim to create the frame, paint the paper and wood trim a nice white, to contrast it against your wall color, then add the shelves and sconces.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glass shelves

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Paintable wallpaper. Comes in all kinds of designs. You glue it on, then just paint right over it with a roller. It's really cool!

Here is a link that might be useful: paintable wallpaper

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Well, I might cry if you don't do the hanging mirror thing, only because I think that is so cool, and I just found it, and I need to know someone on this earth has one! Lol. Sconces between a mirror would work, yes. Get a nice, FRAMED mirror, though.

What is your style? Contemporary? Cottage-y? Rustic? traditional? Beadboard wainscoting always looks nice in bathrooms, IMO.

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And what about the floor? Do you know what you're doing there?

My own bath has the wide pine flooring, which I LOVE because it's warm in the winter, not slippery, rustic, etc.

I have a client who had a house built here on Cape Cod and has a stunning master bath floor. I'd never seen anything like it before. I could ask her what it is. It looks like glass tiles, but it is completely seamless! A friend of mine and I were looking at it and trying to figure out how the heck it was put down. But it is gorgeous. She's loaded, though, so it's also probably expensive.

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In your first picture, I thought the open medicine cabinet door was the wall over where you're going to put the vanity.
Do you have a pic of the whole window? I'm guessing now that it covers most of the 5 foot width of that wall? Are you keeping the same window? One option would be to put in a smaller window, ie 3 feet or so, and leave enough space for a mirror over the vanity, or as Tibbrix suggested, use a hanging mirror!

You could use pendant lights over the vanity, that's what I have in my Master BR.

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good morning! tibbrix - thanks again for all your advice! here's 2 options that i drew up... what do you think?

raehelen - i love those lights! but wouldn't it look funny to have one over the sink, and other over the toilet?

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and here's option 2 - do you think the 2 sconces would give enough light?

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Love the second one. Sconces will give enough light. That is more about the bulb wattage and the type of sconce you get, i.e.: don't get sconces that have black shades and use a 10 watt bulb! Lol. Keep in mind that you can no longer buy incandescent bulbs (or at least once they run out of the current supply) so you want to look for LED bulbs, or whatever, with the equivalent wattage of 40 or 60 watts.

I really like raehelen's idea of pendant lights too, but if you go with the hanging mirror, I think it would look kind of funny to have so much hanging from the ceiling. Interesting question, whether pendants would be odd over a toilet.

Also, if you do replace the tile with some other kind of tile or wainscoting, I would make the top of it lower than what is there now, which goes up too high. You want it to about where the towel bar is, in the old pic.

One other thing: I would forego the shelf over the toilet and put some on the blank wall between the shower and toilet. Between the toilet, vanity, window, sconces, and mirror, you'll have a lot going on on that one wall, with nothing to balance it anywhere else. Just mho, of course!

Re: Tile. My personal fave is good old-fashioned subway tile. Can never go wrong with it, and it always looks good.

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ok - option 2 it is - without the shelf....but, will the mirror block the sconce?

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It shouldn't, since the sconce will be pretty close to the edge, and the mirror will be even inside the parameters of the sink, i.e.: each side of the mirror extending to just a few inches beyond the faucet, maybe halfway between the outer edge of the taps and the outside edge of the sink? You can play with it.

Also, depending on what size mirror you get and where it begins once its hung it's possible the sconces will be above the mirror. But you don't want them too high either, probably 3/4 up from the bottom of the window.

The hanging mirror is really cool. I suspect you'll get a lot of comments on it.

If you go ahead with those glass shelves with the towel bar (I like the ones where the bar sticks out a bit, making hanging towels a lot easier), I think you want to put the bottom shelves up such that the towel bar , and therefore the towels, hang flush with the top of any wainscoting/tile, or below, but definitely not above. Nice combo might be two of the towel bar glass shelves, then two one-piece glass shelves over those, but that are the same length as the two individual towel bar shelves combined.

Hope you'll post final pics! Start a new thread, though, if you do. this one will be long gone by then!

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I was also going to suggest you get a curved rod for your shower curtain. They make a HUGE difference in adding roominess to a shower. However, with a shower stall, it's difficult because the curtain at the bottom can't be contained by, say, a tub wall. But if you can extend the shower floor so that the bottom of the curtain falls within the tiling of the floor, you'll be okay but only the floor would shave to be extended because the top corners of the curtain meet at the wall. Esp. with such a small shower, I highly recommend looking into it. I have the tub/shower combo, so it was easy, but I got a rod called "The Arc", simple design, difference (flat as opposed to rounded), but that one can be cut in order to fit any shower opening,and it's easy to install.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Arc Shower Rod

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I prefer #2.

Can you do another mock-up, this time straight on to see heights of the various elements? ie how far below window is vanity? What are you planning for backsplash? Would you tile all the way from one corner to another and behind toilet?

If your toilet is dual flush with the controls on top of the tank I get why you'd want a shelf!

Are you making window smaller, or was it always 36"? When I suggested pendants, I was thinking just over the vanity, not over the whole 5 feet. If you are treating the whole wall as one element, then sconces on either side of a centered window could work, though I'd have another light in ceiling, cuz I don't think the sconce over toilet would help much with lighting at mirror. I was imagining a window positioned to one side, ie the right side, leaving you 2 feet or so of wall space over vanity for mirror and lights (that's why I was thinking pendants, in front of a 24" mirror, with the mirror being attached to the wall.)

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If you see this, check back here; I'm getting the name of that bathroom flooring I mentioned earlier. I'll post it when the seller gets back to me. Maybe I'll start a new thread so others can be aware of it. It makes an amazing, seamless glass-tile floor. Have no idea how!

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