Which wall color matches light yellow wall tiles better?

janesylviaFebruary 14, 2013

I am considering BM yellow freeze (very light yellow) or frosty lime (very light green) or some other light color for the bathrooms. Master bathroom has the light gray marble like wall tiles. Hallway bathroom has the light yellow marble like wall tiles.

The interviewed contractor said it would not look good if I match yellow wall tiles with yellow walls. Was he right?

Thank you very much.

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A light grey may look very nice in both bathrooms. It works well with yellow tile.

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Yes, avoid matching! If it's a perfect color match, you don't notice the specialness of the tile. If it's a bit off, and it usually will be, then it looks like an oops.

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I'm using gray walls with a yellow vanity and paler yellow ceiling, and the yellow looks great with the gray.

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