Stucco and Stone: Need Pictures - Please

owallerJanuary 6, 2008

I am currently working with my builder to select the color of the stucco and the type of stone that we will use on our Tuscany/Mediterranean style home. We would really appreciate receiving some pictures of the stucco and stone combinaitons that others have used or even just stucco colors or stone styles that you've used on your home.

Thanks in advance for your assistance. This is a great forum.

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Here is a thread that hasn't fallen off yet, showing stucco and stone choices. Others will post pictures, but you can also do a search (top of page) for "stucco + stone" with more threads to look through in the meantime.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread

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Check out this blog belonging to Pegkip too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pegkip's Tuscan Villa

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I can't believe I don't have a better picture than this to show you our stone and stucco. It was taken first thing in the morning, hence all of the shadows from our front deck.
Sorry, hopefully you can see enough to get the idea of the colors.

Our stone is Limestone. I am not sure what color the stucco is, we just asked our stucco guy to match the color from our inspiration home and he did.
This is a picture of us sneaking up to the house and holding our stone up along their wall to make sure it matched! This photo was taken in the late afternoon with shadows and the stucco looks different, but it's the same color as ours.

He ended up putting small red swirls (can't see it from this picture). The swirls break up the long runs of the side of the house and looks nice.
Hope this helps.

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Here's the front of ours. This is EIFS (not traditional stucco) by dryvit in Sandalwood Beige. The stone is Owens Corning Cultured Stone Cobblefield in Chardonnay color.

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Here is a picture of our stucco and stone. Our house has a tuscan feel to it. We used El Dorado Stone Cascade Ledge I believe.

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Everyone thanks. The links and the pictures are very helpful. We have been at a lost since there are so many options. We are narrowering down to a couple of options.

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We have some photos of stucco we have done in Southeast Georgia, including Hard Coat (Cement) Stucco with Stone.
Unfortunately, forum rules preclude me from providing you with a direct link to our photos page, as that is considered "advertising". If you would like to see photos of our stucco and stone, do a Google Image search for "stucco in kingsland georgia". Feel free to post these photos, as long as they are properly attributed.

Have a Great Day!

Coralee McKain

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gardenchick1- Your house is beautiful. May I ask how many square feet it is? Also, how many bedrooms? We are wanting to build a single story with four bedrooms but are having trouble finding one we like.

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Ron Natalie

We've not built yet, but here are the stone/stucco we're going to use. There's also a darker brown (I think they call it timber bark or some fool thing) cement panel at the top.

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momtothree -- thanks for the compliments. Our home is approx. 3800 sq.ft. but has 3 bedrooms, not 4. It was custom designed for us because we couldn't find a floor plan we liked. Sometimes it's easier going to an architect and take along floor plans with some features you like and explain what you are looking for. Then have him draw up something.

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Ronnatalie: What kind of stucco are you using? Is it cement stucco or a synthetic? I am getting confused about what kind of stucco to use - they're are too many choices! Nice choice of stone. TIA!

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Ron Natalie

We're going to use traditional hardcoat with an elastomeric top layer. The stuff you see in the picture are just pieces of foam insulation sprayed with the finish so we could use them for color comparison purposes.

Everybody hear agrees that today's EFIS is probably OK, but they're all gunshy about recommending it. The hardcoat (while it lacks some of the EFIS insulation we'll make up elsewhere) is cheaper anyway.

Obviously the stone is going to be laid horizontally, not as the photo shows it. That sample board ways several hundred pounds (it was fork lifted into the back of the GC's truck), so it wasn't possible to reposition it for the picture though the GC did drive it around from light and shadow so we could see it in different lighting.

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Ronnatalie: Thanks for the reply. It should turn out very nicely for you.

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Choosing whether to go with traditional hardcoat stucco or EIFS is sometimes based on where you live. Since you plan to build in Hawaii (lucky you!) either choice is OK. We don't see much hardcoat stucco here in the midwest because of our cold snowy winters.

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