Winter Mantel

christmascandyJanuary 29, 2013

I switched the mantel from Christmas to winter. I left the greenery and lights and added snowmem, icicles, and snowflakes.

We had a beautiful snow fall today, 3" so far of big, puffy flakes that fell softly starting about 4:00 this afternoon.
Our drought is so bad, that this is a welcome sight!!

3 of the snowmen are clear and light up when connected to the light string.

What did one snowman say to the other?
Some of my best friends are flakes, LOL


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Your mantel looks super, Candy.
The lighted snow men are really cute.
I put snowmen on my mantel too, but haven't gotten around to taking pictures.

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Nice Winter Mantel Candy.
You have a cute collection of Snowmen.
I like how you put the clear lighted ones in between the
others and added the snowflakes.
We had snow here too...but Spring can't come soon
enough for me.
BTW - loved your Snowman

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Candy, your mantel looks nice decorated with the cute snowmen. The clear ones look good lit up. I don't think my snowman collection is going to make it out this year. You make your snow fall sound lovely! Hope it helps your drought. Ours is coming down but very wet. Making it hard for the plow trucks to keep caught up. I believe we are quite abit above average and it's still snowing here.

Always enjoy jokes. Some of my family are flakes too.haha
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Snowflake who?
There's snowflake like home!

Alot of you have fireplaces. How do you force yourself to go to work? DD's new home has two fp. Every time I'm there I think it would be nice to curl up with a blanket, good book and hot cup of cocoa and just enjoy.LOL


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Nana, thank you. I used to use these guys Christmas, but didn't really have a spot for them, so now I save them for my after holiday winter decor. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Jane, when I was still teaching, I used to buy small items on clearance after holidays to give to the secretaries, and support people the next time that holiday occurred. It was just a small token of appreciation for their hard work. These snowmen were purchased for that purpose, but I retired, so had a bunch of these snowmen left. I gave 8 of them as table gifts a few years ago at my chu*rch luncheon and these were what I had left. The clear ones were a Sal. Arm. find after Christmas a couple of years ago for .25 ea!!

Punk, our drought is so bad, it is going to take a lot more than this snow to ease it, but it was such a pretty snow, not like when it is a blizzard with wind howling and blowing it around. I love fireplaces, but my previous homes were woodburning ones. This one is gas, so I just flip a switch and "voila!!" I have fire! The drawback is it doesn't work when the power is out. I do enjoy sitting in the room with a cup of tea or cocoa, and reading or working on a project. It is quite cheery.
It is hard to go to work when it is crummy weather, but I know I can hit the switch when I walk in after work.
Plus, I don't get paid if I don't work, LOL!!

Thanks everybody,

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Looks pretty, candy ...I love 'snowmen' & ladies! My porch is full yet! Those crystal clear ones look really pretty lit up!

Was getting kind of the 'Winter blues' & decided to put away some more Winter stuff & start on Valentine's (since we had thunder & lightning & rain on Mon. nite ...after an ice storm from the weekend. Now we have about 6" of new snow & lots of wind late last night & today the 'snowmen' look right at home again! LOL!

Not getting very far on Valentine's either...I've been photographing birds all morn (from inside) & on the computer...ohhh...this retired life is rough at times!!

TFS your Winter mante, candy,...warm & cozy! & I'll leave you w/a bird pic...I was so trying to catch some in flight today...they are very busy 'feasting' out the living room windows in the bird arbor! & I caught a couple good pics! Jeanne S.

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Candy, that's the norm, but I still get paid even if I don't work since I write the checks! Guess I'll just have to work harder on getting a fp installed.Hmmmm We better work on doing some rain dances come spring, girlfriend.

Jeanne, beautiful picture! I will be looking forward to seeing all of your Valentine decor. We have the office all decorated for Valentine's Day but I haven't started here yet.


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very pretty, Candy. A good idea to save the Snowmen for after Christmas decorating.

Guess the snow has put a damper on any golf. You need to come here to see the big tournament this weekend, supposed to be in the 70s. ;o) Jason will there every day, not playing but part of the folks putting on the extras (Phoenix Thunderbirds group). Mr Oblivious will probably go hang out and watch it over the weekend. Wish you could go too.

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, you take the BEST bird photos!! I'll bet you could find a market and sell them. I have started on Valentine decor. Will share photos later.

Punk, My DM always wanted a fireplace so a couple of years ago she bought a small electric one at Big Lots. It is just the right size for her small living room and she absolutely loves it. It just turns on with a switch and looks fairly real and is also a heater, so it is lovely and cozy at the same time.

Karen, We did play golf a few times this month, but I would love to be in Phoenix for the tournament!! Plus, I ciuld come over and we could pull out a few Valentine decorations, LOL. I do it just for the fun, and I consider the DGK's and my DD's just as much my Valentine's as my Mr. O.


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