Why do I beat my head against a wall?

john_gMarch 23, 2006

Because it feels so good when I stop... Anon...

I mentioned the S-10 with the theft deterrent problem in a different post. At one point the guy wanted me to "bypass" the system. Of course I wont do that I told him, it's better to simply fix it, or else I'm done. It turns out the TSB that applied for the harness repair, and removing a resistor that someone wired in attempting to bypass the Passlock system was the final repair for the theft deterrent.

The truck also has an ABS lamp coming on, the LF wheel speed sensor is erratic. This morning was the third time we talked, during the conversation the owner talked about how he had taken this truck back to the Toyota dealer they bought the truck at, a GM dealer, and at least five other shops and none of these places were able to solve the problems his truck has. It didn't matter if they were shade tree guys that looked at it, or great techs none of them could solve the problems. I asked him if I have lived up to his expectations, by solving the trouble and then he says, "we were trying to avoid paying to have it fixed".

Or at least something along that idea.

Oh well, fixing the car right isn't good enough, I have to do it for free. Guess he won't ever bring another car in.

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My sympathies, John.

It's the same when I sell a car with no warranty on it. They come back with some little problem and I have it fixed. They come back with another little problem; I try to work it out the best way I can.
It ends when they finally blow up at me for reminding them the vehicle was sold with no warranty, after they realize they want a new car at a used-car price.

A number of times, the boss will tell me to just give them their money back----you can forget it by then---He** will freze over first, after what they've put me through because the car wasn't perfect!
BTW, I ALWAYS encourage customers to have the car checked out by a reliable mechanic before they buy it...

After days like that, I dump a little Amaretto in my hot tea when I get home that night! :o)

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Got you all beat. Good thing you don't live in farm country. A guy brought me a lawnmower with the carb in a plastic bag with half the parts missing. Well i put it together and used my parts. He said how much. I told him
forget it and we can do some horse trading when i need something from you. He insisted i take some money. I said fine $20.00. He then proceded to almost fall off the back of his truck with a look of shock on his face. Go figure.
Take it to the city and see what they charge you. Plus the
cost of your gas. The one thing that boggles my mind is
people out here, probably other places too, will give you
a $40.00 bottle of Whisky but pass out when you ask for $20.00 and they don't even help you drink it. I don't know.
Funny people i guess.

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you mean your supposed to pay mechanics????? hahahaha

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I just wish I knew someone around here that had your diagnostic capability.

There's a shop I go to, but I don't know any of the guys that work there. Could be different people every time I go for all I know. That being the case, I'm afraid it'll still be a crap shoot if I have some special technology related problem.

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Why in the world would anyone want to steal an S-10 in the first place? Seems like a waste of electronics and your time of course. I say take him up in front of Judge Judy!

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**Why in the world would anyone want to steal an S-10 in the first place?**

That struck me funny too. Almost as much as the person looking to buy a Renault in another thread. :)

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