Aisin AX5 Fluid?

static1701March 3, 2008

I have a Jeep Comanche with an AX5, I have searched for specs on what kind and amount of fluid this trans uses and have found that it takes 80w gear oil but I can't find anything about how much?



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Capacity Fluid Type
4.0 including Filter 6 Quarts 10w30
2.5 including Filter 4 Quarts 10w30
2.4 including Filter 4 Quarts 10w30
AX5 3.5 Quarts 75w90*
AX15 3.4 Quarts 75w90*
NV1500 2.4 Quarts Syncromesh
NV3550 2.4 Quarts Syncromesh
32RH Filter Change 4 Quarts ATF+3**
32RH Total Capacity 8 Quarts ATF+3**
42RLE Filter Change 3 Quarts ATF+4
42RLE Total Capacity 5 Quarts ATF+4
NP231 1.15 Quarts Dexron III
4.0 Radiator 2.6 Gallons 50/50 Water/Antifreeze
2.5 Radiator 2.25 Gallons 50/50 Water/Antifreeze
YJ Dana30 1.25 Quarts 75w90*
YJ Dana35 1.5 Quarts 75w90*
TJ Dana30 1.2 Quarts 75w90*
TJ Dana35 1.75 Quarts 75w90*
TJ Dana44 2.0 Quarts 75w90*

Othernat: drain the old and measure it.

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