Lucky and relieved.

westranchMarch 19, 2008

Recently, my 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis LS appeared to start having shifting problems with the four speed overdrive transmission. I was prepared to hear the news that the transmission needed a complete overhaul. The car just turned 100k miles. After dropping the car off at a trusted, local repair garage, I got the phone call that the car still had the original spark plugs, wires, distributor, etc. It was strongly suggusted that I get a complete tuneup. I almost burned the starter up when I went to start the car for the first time after the tuneup. It started so quickly. I think I'll only go ten years between tuneups now. I've learned my lesson.

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You and my brother-in-law. He told me his pickup (190,000 miles) had a rumble that had been getting worse the last few years, especially on his last trip to Montana. I crawled under and shook the U-joints. The rear joint was so sloppy you'd want to go sit in a corner and cry. I mean it was way past being beat to death. When I showed it to him he said, "Well, I got 190,000 miles out of it".

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