Need a hood for 36" Bluestar rangetop

swimmanFebruary 23, 2013

So I'm shopping hoods at the moment. Plan to purchase a 36' Bluestar rangetop with six burners. I'll have 36" between upper cabinets so that's the width I need to stick with and I'm considering the hoods below. I've searched the forum and have found some great info. Can anyone provide add'l info or opinions from those who own any of the models? Any other brands I should consider?

Zephyr - Venezia ZVEE36BS, 715cfm, 24" deep
Proline - PLZW 697.36, 1200cfm, 27" deep
Windster - RA-14L36, 600cfm, 24" deep
Windster - RA- 35W36SS, 800cfm, 24" deep

Prices range from about $675 to $1250 and the $1250 would be near the top of my range. Looking for a hood at least 24" deep (27" probably ideal) and 600cfm+.

Thanks in advance

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Windster and Proline is cheap Chinese ^&%$.

There are some Chinese products of medium and high quality. Usually from companies with long track records for quality. Neither Windster nor Proline fit the bill. Proline seems sketchier than average.

Zephyr is a decent made in South Korea hood.

Another you should look at is Kobe hoods. A Japanese company that manufactures in Taiwan.

IMO Zephyr and Kobe are the best in your price range.

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Thanks deeageaux. I have been swayed to the Zephy line but will check into Kobe. Good stuff...

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any information on Imperial made in USA?

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Any info on imperial made in USA? 7 yr guarantee??

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In this price range Imperial offers mesh filters and 20" depth hoods. Not ideal for high powered rangetops like Bluestar.

They do offer baffle filters and deeper hoods but the price jumps and there are better options IMO.

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Before ordering anything from Proline, one would be well-advised to check out their history with the Better Business Bureau

Here is a link that might be useful: Proline Range Hoods BBB page

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