Final brainstorm for induction before we pull trigger

wallycatFebruary 10, 2012

I have narrowed my choices to Bosch 800, GE monogram, and possibly GE profile

Bosch has digital touch.

Bosch has auto timers that turn burners off.

GE Monogram 36" fits into our cabinets where the 36" bosch does not.

GE has higher burner output than Bosch

GE Monogram can be had in "Silver" which would be different from all the black.

GE Profile got great reviews on ajmadison and is the cheapest of all 3.

I did see someone post they had an LG with a true bridge and intrigued me.

I have never used induction and do not understand all the lingo (19 settings...what does that mean?) and I don't want to punch up and down to get a temp.

HELP ME out of my induction decision he##.

In a perfect world, Gaggenau would be a no-brainer---except for the cost.

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Just a couple of additional things to think about ....
1. The GE options require more space below the cooktop. If you have drawers in your countertop unit, that might be an important consideration.
2. Yes, the large GE hob has a 3.7kw rating vs 3.6kw for the Bosch. IRL, I don't know if that is an important difference.
3. Both the GE and Bosch have similar hob layouts and hob sizes, except that the right front GE hob is 8" and the same one is 9" with the Bosch. Which would be a better match for the pots and skillets you cook with?
4. Finally, the "19" settings that GE talks about refers to the number of steps between no power to a hob all the way to up full power to a hob. The Bosch goes from 0 to 9, with a half-step in between (1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 .... 8, 8.5, 9) so there are 17 settings + boost. I'm not certain what the real life difference is between 17 and 19 levels. Maybe someone with a GE can provide more information, though.

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Thanks for hashing this out with me.
I did not see the 3.6 on a 30" bosch so will recheck.
My cabinet will have no issue on any restrictions as it currently has one low shelf and I am putting all my cast iron in there.

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Oops, I was looking at the 36" Bosch.

If it helps, we installed a 36" Bosch in a 36" cabinet. Previously we'd had a 36" Thermador radiant cooktop there, so the inside sides of the cabinet were already shaved down a bit.

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We have the GE Profile 30", which we bought after seeing not all the reviews, not just Madison but dozens of user reports as well - not to mention it got the highest rating from Consumer Reports - and have been absolutely thrilled with it. It does everything we expected. Frankly, I don't think the differences among induction units is as great as that among gas ranges, because there are fewer design variables to play with.

The only thing I wish it had is "zoneless" heating, but that was not available on any range, only some cooktop-only products, and we needed a full range to replace the existing one. Speaking of which, the oven on the GE is huge, nearly two cubic feet larger than on our old KitchenAid. Really nice.

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Thanks. It sounds like yours is the range/induction and I am looking at induction cooktops (not sure if there is much difference for the top part though.
Appreciate the feedback.
I have about 1 week to decide. I should be happy.

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You'll have to look at the manual to see what the 19 levels means for sure. My informed guess, however, is that it's the 0 to 9 including half steps that Kashmi said, plus a couple of specialty buttons. It could be low and high, or middle and high, or boost and keepwarm, or some other pairing.

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@Pillog - on the GE, the 19 levels are from L (0) to H (10) in half-step intervals. In addition to the up/down buttons, each unit has a preset button; on the big 3700W one it's labeled Power Boil, on the smallest one Melt, and on the two middle ones Simmer. But they don't do anything that the regular controls can't, they just take the unit instantly to level H, L, and 3, respectively.

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Thanks all for posting and replying.
I rechecked the Monogram and the 36" requires 50 amps, which would mean a call to an electrician. Since we rarely cook huge amounts, 4 burners would probably be fine (this new-to-us house has an electric ge profile with only 4 hobs and a downdraft).
So as I see it, the 30" monogram pluses are: higher W (3700), choice of "silver" or black trim or no trim.
The pluses for 30" Bosch 800: auto-turn off timers, digital control on the stainless strip.

Appreciate your contributions very much.
If anyone sees any other major difference, do share.

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I have the 30" Bosch 500 and the only appreciable difference, Spring 2011, when I bought my appliances, between the 500 and 800 was the auto chef, which would allow the frying temp to be maintained at the same temp, during the time when adding food to the pan. In other words, the temp would stay the same while you were adding food to the frying pan. Ordinarily, the temp goes down during the time you add foods to an already cooking frypan, but with autochef, the temp stays the same.

In our case, we rarely fry, and if we did, I could manually and instantly adjust the temp to accomodate the addition of foods to the frying pan. It seemed silly to me to spend an additional $3-500 for a feature which would rarely be used, and could be accomplished by a mere button touching, if necessary.

Bosch has 10 or 9 levels of 'heat' plus additional half levels, making 19 potential heat selections. Certainly enough for me. And timers, to shut off each hob, although I haven't yet used the timers,-- which, admittedly, were a factor in my selection of Bosch! I just lift the pan up when I am done cooking- it shuts off. Yeah, I have to get used to using the timers

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Thank you all.
I think my decision has been made.
Bosch 500.
Even though I get an amazing employee discount on the monogram and so wanted to convince myself this would be the one (clearance was not an issue for us), the final information for me was the direct temp. select, the auto timers and the bigger burner being towards the back (instead of the front on the monogram). I have read that some cooktops shut down if something is blocking the controls and I could just imagine a big pan edging its way there or a handle inadvertently being swung that way. Not sure if it would matter, but this way it won't be an issue.
The 800 bosch was very tempting, but for the several hundred price difference (and you still have to touch the cooktop to select your burner), and we don't really deep fry either, the 500 seemed like the "sweet-spot" for the Bosch.
Thank you all!!!!

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